Monday, July 28, 2008

More MT

I don't have a lot of funny stories or wit tonight. I have been working on this post for days.  So let's just say. Here are more pictures from our trip. I have had a TERRIBLE time recovering from this trip. I have had vacation depression pretty bad. My kids are JUST getting back on schedule but they are still missing my parents. We had a great, great time. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Part 2

1. Crewe took swim lessons in Montana. He did so well and made HUGE improvements.

2. We went to Zoo Montana. They have a tiger, a otter, a bear, chickens, bunnies, goats, porky pine, deer, and a Red Panda.
3. I petted a horse. Me no likey horses.
4. Dayne was deathly afraid of the dogs. It took her 4 days to finally not freak out every time they walked in the room. A few more days, and she would pet them with her feet. ON the LAST day she would pet them. Good girl.

5. Since I keep getting questions about Rich let me expand. Rich did not come to MT at all. The first week were gone he had pink eye so bad that he was at the local hospital clinic twice. Then he had strep and another infection in this throat. Gross. He was banned from work until he was better. So ironically, he had the week off from work. The second week he fully enjoyed wake boarding, riding his bike and eating at Weinerschnitzels. He missed us terribly and is glad that we are home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Montana Part 1

We Are Back.

The kids and I just returned from 14 days in Montana. We had the best time. I didn't really blog while I was gone, I had a hard time downloading pictures from my mom's computer.  And what is a post without pictures???

Here is a short list of some of our highlights:

1. We went to the ward camp out---in the rain---CAMPING again?

2. 3 movies. My dad and I caught Hancock and later we took Crewe to Wall-E . Crewe also saw Kung Fu Panda with my mom. He now wants us to refer to him as Master Tiger. By the way, I am Master Snake.

3. I got to to dinner and hang out with my friend, Delaine. She is so very cool. She has a crush on her postman. AND his name is Thor. Very cool.

4. So many games of Crosscribs, Marbles, and Tile Rummy. 

5. We got a babysitter 3 times. Ah, adult time. Lovely.

*I think I will post 5 things about our trip for the next few days. Boring for some but a great way for me to remember a GREAT trip.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway

My dad and I just finished watching the new season of Project Runway. He has NEVER seen the show AND is saying he has never heard of it. WHAT???

So I ask you. Have you seen this show?

PLEASE answer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, I did something I thought (more like hoped) I would never do. I went to Girls Camp this week. I only went for the evening with my dad but come on. COME. ON. 12-16 year old girls. 100 of them. All camp singing and such. In the outdoors.

No Thank You.

We are having a great time in MT.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

You are Marianne Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility. You are impulsive, romantic, impatient and perhaps a bit too brutally honest. You enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the piano beautifully. To boot, your singing voice is captivating. You feel deeply and love passionately.

Does this sound like me?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

We had a great 4th of July. I was still very much on the train of sickness *. We had been invited to 3 parties but there was no way that was going to happen so we opted out of the first two and spent the day having a little R&R. We did manage to go to Chili's for lunch and had the Chicken Enchilada Soup for the first time (I know, Ethan, you are right). I then convalesced until the last moment when it was time to head to the Jones house for a BBQ. Our friend, Andrew had also just graduated from the Fire Academy so it was a joint party and it was huge.  Since I was still feeling crappy it was easy to take it easy and just sit back. Rich decided that it was 1. too cold 2. too late to stay for the fireworks so we went home. Baby Dayne took a power nap on the way home so both of the kids were still up when the Livermore fireworks started. We headed the park next to our house and enjoyed a family night of freezing fireworks (rich had on his parka---the one he used to wear in UT when he walked Oakley).

All and all it was a great day. My kids looked darling in there patriotic attire. Baby Dayne wore the dress that Rich bought in 2002. Some day we DID have a girl and she WAS able to wear it, 4th of july style.

* Note-to-self. When you call your mom and cry, "I'm dying." Don't do it with a ear dropping 4 year old in the room. Crewe has been concerned about my death all weekend.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Guess who won the When-are-My-Chickens-going-to-lay-eggs contest?
I will take my $38 and take everyone to Denny's for a Grand Slam Breakfast.
*PS I am talking about Beef's chickens and his contest. You can read about it here.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Rundown of past 4ths or a Really Long Boring Post


This post won't be very excititing for anyone but me....maybe rich. I just want to write this down so I can remember. Anywhoooo. I love July 4th. I love the matching outfits, the bbq's, the fireworks. Everything. I also think of it as Rich/Ashley Holiday.

Back in 1997 we spent our first 4th of july together. Sort of. He gave me strep and I went on a date to watch the fireworks with a guy named....jermey(?) I
 drove Rich's car and when the date was done I went over to his house. Rich took me to the throat speaclist when they had to lance my throat.

1998- We did not spend together. Let's not discuss. Except to say, Rich was dating a woman almost a FOOT taller than him. Come on. 

1999- Kayleen was in town. Rich and I plus Kayleen, Ryan, 
and other randoms went out on the golf course to "watch" the fireworks. My brother also blessed his first baby that weekend. I told my best friend Ryan not to mention how big my nephew was, guess what the first thing was out of his mouth? Rich came to a lot of the family fesitivties. We were welcoming him back into the family.
2000- Our first year married. We swam in the cold pool at our complex and then went to my sil's familys party. It wasn't the best time. No one would play games with us. Good thing our so cute baby nephew was there so we went to kiss on him. 

2001- We tricked Ethan and Natalie into helping us paint our new house. We were trying to save money on building our house so we decided to paint on our day off from work. It was over a 100 degrees. We drove all over town looking for the correct paint colors. The night ended watching fireworks in the Branberry/car dealership grassyspots.

2002- Back to Branberry/car dealership with Ethan and Natalie. Later in the year Rich bought a baby girl dress for the 4th of july for-a-someday-we-will-have-a-girl.

2003-I was very pregnant and we were living in CA. Kayleen and Trevor spent the day with us. It was the first time I mentioned a name that I heard and liked, "What do you guys think of the name, Crew, Cru or Crue?"

2004- We went to our friends Emily/Dustins house. Crewe fell off the brick steps and got a huge smash. It was very dramatic for my babies first BONK.

2005-Back to the Prussos.

2006- I am thinking we were at the Prussos?

2007- The Kids and I were in MT. No Rich. Boo. But we had a great time in MT and we got to be with Et/Nat, again.

2008-We are not sure what we will do this year. But I do know that Dayne will be wearing a certain dress......

Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!

Strep!!!! Of course I have Strep.  It was the 4th of July 1997 that Rich gave me my first case of strep and then an abscess tonsil. Yeah.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Guess who has pink eye?

PS. And me, well. One guess what I have?