Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blue Blue Baby

"You know how Blue is my favorite color? Well, that's why I want a blue face. ......No! Don't take it off. I can keep it on until morning? Okay."
---Dink-oid Crewe Palmer, age 4 1/2 *

*( we are celebrating his 1/2 birthday at school next month. The things I am learning about a summer birthday)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A New Love

Ode to Guitar Hero

Oh, I love a new game.
No it is not lame.
I love you Guitar Hero!
Even at times when I only score, a ZERO.

2am on Saturday night,
I played and played, It was quite a sight.
Friends can not stop me
Come and over and enjoy this discovery.

I am able to live my dream,
to belong to a team,
of Rockstars, Give me a hand.
I now belong to a band!

(*these photos are from Christmas. I didn't have my camera at Petra's the other night. Thanks guys it was a very very fun night)

Ps. I also don't actually OWN Guitar Hero but any guesses what I want for my birthday.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Check it

Want to see the Baby walking? It was the best we could do. She was in a "mood". She can walk farther than we got on the video. Check Baby Dayne here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I should never pump my Own Gas....

It's almost on zero!

Crewe loves to yell this whenever he gets in the car. He is referring to the gas gauge. I want to turn to him and say why don't you pump the gas so it won't be at zero. I hate having to get gas it seems like I ALWAYS need gas in my car. Always. Maybe it is because I never fill the tank. Who has $200 on hand for gas a week?

Last night, on my way to meet friends I decided that I had to get gas, in the pouring rain, or risk the chance of running out. I went to gas station #1 and could not get my card to work. You have to enter your zip code for the card to work. The no 4 button was stuck so my zip code all 4's in it. Suck. Left the gas station.

On my way home I NEEDED to get gas. It was 1am and I pulled up to station #2. OUT OF ORDER.  Moved to another pump. Ran my card, SEE ATTENDANT. It is 1 am, there is no attendant. Drove home very carefully.

This morning went to station #3. Ran my card, smooth. Turn and I lost my gas cap. What the....can you lose these? Do people turn them in when they are lost????

Seriously, can't Rich pump my gas and fill my tank?

What was I doing out so late? Good times with good friends. Dinner and then we saw 2 movies:

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Friday morning Dayne and I went to HER first playgroup. Can you find her in the picture? It was so nice and simple. It totally reminded me of all the great times I had with Crewe's playgroup. I was such a nervous and unsure first time mother. I loved having that group to lean on and support. I still do. In fact, we still belong to Crewe's group. We have been together since Crewe was 3 months old. I will see you guys on Monday.

Where is Crewe? He went to work with Rich. Nothing like having 2 pool guys in the house.

We met the boys and went to lunch at McDonald's. Dayne is in love with the yogurt. You can't totally see but they are sitting in Hamburger chairs.

When we got home I had this package waiting for me. New hairbands for Dayne. Delicious.

Rich and I got to go on a date last night. We went to Macaroni Grill for dinner (gift cert from Christmas, I love that) and then we got deserts from Cafe Esin (picture above. I can't get it to come down......)I love their Black Bottom Banana Tart. It was the perfect way to end a crazy weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2008


6:30am- My day to sleep in and I woken up by the phone. (rich and the kids have been up since 5:30am). My parents are calling to report on their insane long travels. They have been stuck in Atlanta for almost 24hrs.

7:00- have a horrible headache

9:00- rich takes crewe to school and I get to stay home. YAY. I love it when Rich gets to help.

10:00 am- baby dayne is awake and CRYING. So freaking fussy. So we head to Wal-mart to distract. I run into my friend, trish and we get to catch up.

11:30- pick crewe up from preschool. Crewe loves his kid, julian, I don't know his moms names so I fake it. Badly.

12:30- talk to nat. she asks when my blog for today is going to be up. I tell her that I was thinking of not blogging. Only 2 comments. i suck. Her excitement for the post leads me to blog but i am not making any promises about future posts:(

12:45pm. - baby dayne still crying but crewe is being SO good. I go to check on him. He has no clothes on.....oh well.

1:00pm - baby dayne still crying and my headache is really strong. 2:30- package arrives from my mom. she has printed this picture from Paris for me. I love it....i took it the picture in 2005.

3:00pm- call Rich and beg him to come home.

4:00pm- Rich comes home AT THE SAME TIME, as I get baby dayne to finally nap.

4:05pm- rich looks at me like I am loser. No crying baby and crew is naked.

4:06pm- still have a headache but at least rich is here to start dinner.

5:30pm- make dinner and eat. so good. I made Aaron/Nan's Thai chicken stirfry.

6:30pm Rich decides we need a family outing. To Target we go.

8:00pm- kids to bed

10:30pm- I fall asleep on the couch watching tv. I have been watching True Life again.....

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is how the day started + a killer headache.

Then we went to the library for story time.
Look how enthralled Crewe is......not so much.
Then we hit Green Burrito on the way home. I ordered 2 chicken taquitos for the kids and ONCE I was home I discovered that we had none. I then made them grilled cheese sandwiches.
Then Grandpa built a kick ass fort.

Then Crewe and I worked on naming Dayne's new baby doll, that she received (And LOVES ) for Christmas. He wants to name her POLLY. Ah, no.

Then I made scones for dinner and my father-in-law made soup. Then I passed on the soup but enjoyed honey on my scones for dinner.

Then my kids went to bed (YAY) and I got hooked on a True Life marathon. Then I went to bed.......

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day of Firsts for 2008

Tuesday was a day of Firsts. Not Firsts-Ever. But Firsts for this YEAR.

First frost. We had major frost on our car. When it was time to take Crewe to school we had to scrape the windows.

First time I felt productive during Crewe's preschool. Dayne and I went to Joann's, the Bank, and Trader Joes.

First time Crewe did not fight it. Crewe napped. Dayne did not.

First time at a new restaurant. I went to dinner with friends here:
Bookstore/bistro. It was pretty cool and since there was 7 of us they turned the front display table into our dinner table. Funky food with a French twist.

First time since dayne was born that I scrapbooked. After dinner I went over to another friends house for a scrapbooking evening. My sister-in-law, Kelli, joined me, along with 15 other friends. I was able to actually work on Dayne's calendar. AND I had great time.

First time I went to bed LATE and woke up EARLY and have not complained, yet, about it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday Highlights

Monday always involves a TON of laundry and a need for food. I do have this theory that the grocery store isn't always stocked by Monday morning so I it sucks if you go and expect options. Espically at Trader Joes. After Dayne's morning nap we headed to Costco. I love and spending money not feeling like I am buying anything. Ha.

Great afternoon filled with naps, playing and me working. ( I type Bankruptcy's for my dad. Even ones that smell like smoke and are giving me a spot on my lung).

Rich came home around 3 and we had Family Home Evening. (We are thankful for our Bodies). We decided to reward ourselves by cashing in a gift card and going out to Dinner.
Go Outback Tonight.........Baby Dayne loved the steak and the tomatoes on our salads.
Now, that's a knife!

We made a stop at Babies-R-Us for pacifiers because Dayne will only take one kind and it is the kind that the devil takes, so it is hard to find. Crewe decided he needed to downsize into this bed at the store. Do you think they minded that he took off his shoes and got under the covers?

Monday, January 14, 2008

A week of Ashley

I read a lot of blogs. Some of them are daily postings about crafts, cooking, lifestyle, ect..Some of the blogs are just about the daily happenings of their life. So this week that is what I am going to try to do. Welcome to a week of Ashley.

PS Baby Dayne can stand for a LONG time and can take 2-3 steps. Ah.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A letter

Dear White Elephant Game Creator-

Your game blows. I know you thought you had discovered a great way for people to end up with your old crap. Not.a. gift...CRAP.

I know, if I wrap it up really purtty and put a bow on it that would make them not notice the level of crap that they recieved.

Mr. Creator, it is time to get back to work creating a new "game" because I will not be playing this one anymore.

Ashley-a- "winner" at white elephant parties

PS.Someone else also thought of this idea (get people to like my old crap) and made it better--It is called Ebay.

PS II. If you would like me to send some of my treasure that I received tonight, I will be happy to send the half bag of, sugar-licked-off, gum drops.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Year Review

At first glance, I must admit that I didn't think I did much or accomplished much in 2007. Then I thought, It doesn't have to BIG. I have a good life even though no trips to Europe were had, no huge weight loss and no new car happened this year. Here a few highlights of this year:

1. Girls trip. I LOVE all girls weekends. I missed my sister-in-law, Natali. 2008 will be her year. I also got to with my Palmer sisters-in-law(except no julie-boo) in Oct on a weekend. Also a great time.

2.I turned 30.

3. Baby Dayne was born. Miracle Baby that I love with my whole being. Even though I have been up since 4:30am with the little darling.

4.I have picked up a million toys. Mostly cars.

5.I was able to spend time with my funny smart children.

6. Crewe spent many hours NAKED in our front yard. Good summer times.

7.Kayleen, Trevor and Family moved back to CA. Even better they moved into the town RIGHT NEXT to mine. We live 12 minutes apart.

8. Crewe started preschool. Big time enjoyment.

9. Rich got to hike the slot canyons in Zions.

10. We had a blessed Christmas with family and friends.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

santa baby

Bouncing Spinning Zebra, is what Crewe assured us that Dayne wanted from Santa. 

"She told me."

Crewe was right. It is a HIT!

 Even for him to sit on and me to reply, "Get off, you aren't a baby."

PS. Dayne has on cow leg warmers. I bought them at Gainans in Billings. I love them and think all babies should own a pair.