Monday, November 26, 2007

Time out

I was in my room reading tonight and Crewe crept in for the millionth time, "Mom, is it dinner yet?"

Still reading. Not dinner time.

"I need milk." Jumping on my legs.

"I think dinner is almost ready."

Still reading. I'm still in my self imposed time out.


"Oh, You-whoooooo!!!!"

Playing with my hair, jumping on the bed.

Still reading.

FINALLY. Crewe throws his head down on my book and just stares at me.

"Could you be more irritating?" I finally demanded.


Holy Crap. He is turning into me. I have on more than one occasion bugged my dad while he was reading. I pull the book out of his hands, pull his bookmark out, put my large head on his book. And this was in July when I saw him.

Yes, we could be more irritating.
Come on everybody, gather round.
I'm gonna show you how to knock 'em down.
When I'm on the ball, I'm the number one.
And I'm gonna show you how it's done.

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll.
Hey, come on, let's get this show on the road.
Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll.
We're sittin' on a bomb that's about to explode.

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight.
If you're lookin' for a fight, then the time is right.
We're gonna wipe the floor with you tonight.

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight.
We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll,
We're gonna bop, we're gonna bowl.
We're gonna score, score, score, score, score tonight!

Johnny: Screams... Hey Paulette, take a look over here,
I'm your kingpin, honey, and I'm gettin' in gear!
Paulette: Hey Johnny, Johnny, go bowl that strike,
And I just might be your baby tonight!

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll.
Hey, come on, let's get this show on the road.
Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll.
'Cause the stakes are high, and the winner takes all!

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight.
Don't get sore when you lose tonight,
We're gonna show you how to do it right.

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight.
We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll,
We're gonna bop, we're gonna bowl.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Give Thanks

Of course, I would like everyone to know that I am very thankful this Holiday for the gospel, my family, a roof over our head, ect... But anyone like to know a simpler things I am grateful for? the list:1. Band aids. Baby Dayne cut her finger really bad on Rich's Dr. Pepper can.* Her finger was bleeding and bleeding and after much blood and towels we put a band aid on it. She was very bugged that it was a Hotwheel band aid and kept trying to eat it. Finally I found a Dora one. I had to cut it in half to fit her dainty finger but she left it alone. Apparently, she believes in Girl POWER.

2. Books. I am back to reading. A lot. I have read 2 books this week and started the third today. I am grateful for my eyes. And Tv, to entertain Crewe, whilst I read.

3. I don't think I am grateful for stockings but I think these are really cool. Just a note to self.

4. Baby Dayne. Enough said. Oh, she stood all by herself this morning. And this picture is from a few months ago.

5. Crewe. The biggest delight. The other day we were working on a craft and he said, "Holy Crap!" He also told me that the rolls on Thanksgiving were "Holy Smokes, they are HOT".

6. My favorite website. Just makes me happy.

7. Shopping. I went to this Baby sale in the city last week. Very cool. Blankets were $3 and everything else was $2. A lot of Pottery Barn clothes. It was at a very hip ( made of exposed concrete) loft. I wonder how I could host a sample sale?

*Technically, it was a Diet Coke and maybe it was mine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Dayne is tired getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Rich and I got to go out to dinner with "our" friend Landon. (Rich totally tried to steal him from me). Landon and I met the summer of 1997. We were instant friends and I have loved having him in my life since.

I can't express all of the good that is landon so here is list of why Landon is so wonderful.

10. He has the best laugh. AND he thinks I am funny.

9. Excellent dresser. Always notices what I am wearing and makes nice comments on the attire.

8. He LOVES U2.

7. Super smart. He is an electrical (or is chemical) engineer with a MBA.

6. He can't eat gluten but NEVER complains about it. NEVER.

5. He points his finger a lot when he is excited.

4. He is married to the BEST person. I wish she lived here so we could be best friends and leave Rich and Landon out.

3. He took Rich and I to his cousins Prom.

2. He once told me that I swore like a sailor. And he loved it.

1. He totally understood why I took the picture of the ceiling at the restaurant. I mean camping mats on the ceiling?

1a. Landon and Marie are having a baby.
1b. He always bought me great birthday gifts.
1c. Landon and Ted always took me out for Indian food for my birthday.
1d. Once he told me that if I was going to marry Rich, he was going to get to know him or fear having his butt kicked.
1E. Oh, he is totally afraid of being beat up.

Friday, November 16, 2007

the song

Last night in my dreams I was busy running away from a bad guy. He had attacked me in my apartment and I was running down the stairs getting ready to fight his buddy. THEN background music started to play, "Everybody was Kung-Foo Fighting." And I thought, "when this is done, I 'm going to download that song from I-tunes." So I kicked a little ass and then bought that song.

*Did you know that you can think during your dreams?

Yes, we had a wonderful, wonderful time with my mom. Thanks, mom. We love you. This picture is from our "family" photo session for Christmas cards. Do you think anyone would notice that I'm not in the picture and Rich was at work?

Monday, November 12, 2007


LinkI love this idea. You can go here.

The Captain that is in Iraq and helping coordinate, is my cousin, Layne. He is an amazing guy with a kind heart and good soul. Check it out.

Friday, November 09, 2007

5 children

I had 5 children today. Ages 5, 4, 3, a new 8 months and almost 4 months. (I will now refer to them as numbers)I watched my three nephews plus my 2 children. I went over to my sister-in-law to play and get to be in charge of the lot while she was gone. At first I thought, I can so do this. This is easy. I should have brought my book.
Then the following happened: #5 woke up and cried and cried. #4 wanted me to hold her, while I was holding #5. I made a bottle for the baby and #4 kept trying to take it. No. 5 told me to shove it. No. 2 and 3 started throwing punches and one neck choke (while I busy with the babies). No. 5-Still crying. No 1 was very helpful. No. 2 came out of the bathroom with no clothes on. Soon #3 had a change of clothes that involved his shorts being on backwards. Ah, good times.

*Did I mention that I had these 5 babies just for 1 hour?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I just sat down and started watching Grey's Anatomy tonight. The opening scene is of George and Izzie and they are sweating. SWEATING.WAY TO MUCH. And I thought I needed to say:

1. The whole George/Izzie "thing" not believable. No chemistry.

2. Sweating?

3. One time my old roommate came over to my house to pick me for a night out. She was running a little late and had a sweaty hairline. me: "Oh, did you just come from the gym?" Her: "No, Doug* and I just finished having sex." So much sweat.

4. Time to push play.

*Not his real name. Not sure if this friend reads this blog....

** Right now as Ethan is reading this blog, he is shuddering.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Book Night

Last night Rich and I went into the city for an author lecture and book signing. Vince Flynn has a new book out. He writes Political Thrillers. I love this author and have read all 9 of his books.
It was so so good. Flynn was an entertaining speaker who had great stories with amazing people. Both President Clinton and President Bush have read his books and they want to know how his stories are so accurate.

I also had Flynn sign my favorite, Transfer of Power. He looked at my copy and said, "Do you have a Costco membership?"


"Well, they sell reprinted versions of my older books for $11. You can get a new copy." Nice.

Then Rich and I got to go to Houston's for dinner. AH. So good. I tried to stir up Beef by texting him while we were waiting for a table but he ignored me. Then I got ready to send Aaron a text but looked at clock and thought with the time difference he wouldn't fully appreciate my smart ass text.

It was such a great evening. It is what Rich and I both needed. Thanks to all those who made this evening possible: John and AJ for watching the kids, Mom and Dad for dinner, and Vince Flynn for writing a new book.

Monday, November 05, 2007

One week Down

Baby Dayne will pull herself up on anything. She wants to stand and then bounce all day.
That is correct. November 5th. Shorts. Outside. Playing in the leaves.

I just like this picture of Dayne. Crewe runs when the camera comes out.

*We have been living at the Palmers for 1 week. Sorry I have not returned a lot of phone calls or emails. We are STILL moving. We go over to the house and it is like the crap keeps multiplying. Plus, Rich has been working long hours, had pool emergencies and our storage unit closes every night by 7. It is making this move VERY slow. I was always worried that someone would break into our house, now I am praying someone will and take the rest of the crap that needs to be moved!

Dr. Nan, look at Dayne. Already brushing her teeth.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A letter

Dear Wal*Mart-

Let me get to the point. I do not like your new system and since I can't say "stupid" let me say, it BLOWS. I do not need you to "check" my receipt every time I leave your store. You are not Costco. You are the slutty step-sister to Costco. So quit trying to sleep your way to the top. AND QUIT "checking" my receipt.


Friday, November 02, 2007

A phone call

My phone rang today:

D: This is Drew. May I speak to Crewe?

C: Hello Cousin Drew.

D: Do you want to come to my house to play? I got Hotwheels. I have a blue one, an orange one.....

C:YEAH! (to me) I want to go there.

Me: They live far away.

C: Sorry, I can't come over. You live in another state. But next time we go to the airport.....

D: Ok, bye.

We would be there if we could. We only have $24.11 in our account. I don't think this is enough to get us there. Shoot. Thanks for calling. It made my day.

I love you, Aunt Ashley.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mayo Baby

I never had full fat mayo until I was married. It's true. My parents didn't believe in full fat condiments. They still don't. They still buy I Can't Believe it's Butter spray. (My brothers and I call it, I Can't Believe this S**T is Butter).

The first time I visited my future in-laws, AJ offered to make me a sandwich. It was the BEST sandwich I had ever had. I couldn't figure out why it was so amazing. It was just a turkey sandwich (on really good bread). Later during the visit I asked for another sandwich. STILL so GOOD!! My last day in CA I finally got around to making my own sandwich and when I looked for the fat-free mayo isn't wasn't there. I asked and AJ pointed me to the mayo with the blue lid. REAL MAYONNAISE. Intrigue. I tried it. This is what made my sandwich so good. A hidden culinary secret?

Seven years later, I am now living with my in-laws. As I have been working on looking the bright side of our new situation many things have come to my mind. A few.....

#3. DISHWASHER. We lived with no dishwasher for the past 3+ years.

#2. One of Crewe's favorite persons lives here. Grandpa. Crewe has been really sick and Grandpa has been great at reading to him and cuddling with him.

#1. Real Mayo. Good Sandwiches here they come!!!