Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving in MT

Happy Thanksgiving.

We are still in Montana. This is the first time that I have been in MT for Thanksgiving in 10 years, at least. Here are a few tidbits about our vacation.

1. Rich is not here. If he calls, it is once at night. I think he is enjoying having us gone :)

2. We went to the movie, "Twilight" last night. My parents have not been to a night movie in almost 20 years.

3. We have had 1 babysitter. Plus 1 night that my Grandparents came over and stayed with the kids.

4. We went to a Carrie Underwood concert. It was SO LOUD (how old am I)! But very fun.

5. I have seen my friend Delaine, 2 times. She has done my nails. Awesome. I have the coolest color (dark grey/purple). However, it is time to get out. We are going to the movie and dinner on Monday night.

6. My dad and I went dinner by ourselves tonight. I had gross chicken. My mom stayed home with the kids. Such a good Mother.

7. I got new shoes!

8. It is freaking COLD here. I am officially a wuss.

9. My kids are not sleeping that great. I am thinking it is time to give them drugs.

10. I am loving being home( but we miss Rich) Crewe keeps asking if he can move here. I think he means with out me.

Oh- Happy Birthday Nat! You are one of my favorite people! Wish you were here!!! Much Love.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Final round

Final Round 

#1. What kind of Dr. is Monica's boyfriend, Richard?

#2.  In, "the One with Ross's New Girlfriend, "who says, "I can sense when women are depressed and vulnerable. It's one of my gifts?"

#3.What does Chandler call his third nipple?

#4. Who played Gunther?

#5.In "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" w
hose moving boxes prompt Ross to say, "ironically, most of the boxes seem to be labeled 'clothes'''?

6.What song is played on the steel drums as Phoebe walks down the aisle?

7.What do Monica and Chandler name their twins?
8. At one time in her life, Rachel lived or roomed with every other Friend except one. Name that Friend.

9. In what sport did Pete Becker, Monica's multimillionaire boyfriend, decided he wanted to become a champion?

10.Who are the creators of the show?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is Up

Crewe has been taking a Trampoline Class. He has loved it. They bounce and run for 45 min.  Dayne and I love it too. Ps. This is also a picture of the first time I dressed Dayne in jeans.  We all know how I feel about babies in jeans.  Don't worry, it doesn't last forever.

I went with my friend Katie to the The Kids Discovery Museum in San Jose. They had a fantastic time.  Kate brought her 3 kids plus our friends 2 kids so all 7 kids had to stay with us. They did awesome. Here is a few shots of the water room. 

I got to go a small girls weekend. We headed up to Strawberry to play in my friend's cabin. It was beautiful weather. We hung out, stayed up late (until 4am), chatted and enjoyed each others company. We played games and more games. I even won at Settlers, twice. Go me!
Crewe got a haircut. A real haircut. It is ALWAYS very dramatic with him so I usually hog tie him and shear him like a sheep. This time we went to a kids haircut place and he did AMAZING.  This is the before picture of huge hair.

I still have not blogged about Lisbon or even printed any pictures from my trip. Here are 2 of my favorite from Lisbon. I have plans to work on my pictures when I am in MT. We are leaving for the airport in a few hours. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Round 5

* I didn't have another Friends Picture. But look how cute my nephew and niece are. 

Round 5

#1. What does Phoebe give to Monica and Chandler as their wedding gift?

#2. What television show is Chandler talking about when he says, "But that's the brilliance of it- the pretty people and the running"?

#3In, "The one After, 'I Do'" when Phoebe is covering for Rachel by saying she's pregnant herself, who does she say is the father?

#4.Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?

#5.What comedy duo appears in black and white poster in Joey's apartment?

#6.What is the song that Ross sings to make Emma laugh?


Ok. It is 4:20 PST and I have gone through and added all the points. If you answer any other rounds please leave the comments in THIS post. Thanks. I will have another round ready this evening. AND maybe another post Not about Friends.  But on Thursday I am .........wait for it.........going out of town. I will do 1 more rounds of the game (after tonight) and then announce the winner. FYI the youngest person, who watched the least amount of Friends when it was on originally, is winning. Ah.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Round 4

Friends Round 4- All correct answers are worth 2 points today because they are hard.

#1. In "The One Where Joey Moves  Out, " Rachel and Phoebe both go to get a tattoo. What kind of tattoo had Phoebe planned to get?

#2, What does Chandler's father do for a living?

#3. Which of the following ER actors did not appear on Friends, George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, or Noah Wyle?

#4Which character said, "You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at?"

#5. What was Janice's nickname for Chandler?

#6. At what intersection in New York is the building where Monica and Joey live?

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am leaving for a weekend away with my girlfriends. I know, I am lucky. I will post the next Friends Round on Monday. I will update the scores on Sunday night. If you have posted by Friday at 1pm, I have already updated the scores. You can still answer all three rounds, if you have not looked at the answers. Have a Great Weekend.

Round 3

Round 3 of the Friends Game

#1.Where does Phoebe's boyfriend David get a grant to study, meaning he has to leave Phoebe behind?

#2. In "The One with All the Solutions, "who made the following, "I'm going to go out on a limb and say, 'no divorces in '99'"?

#3.In "The One Where Rosita Dies, " who/what is Rosita?

#4. Who says, "Let's get some perspective people. It's not like I'm wearing a seeing-eye dog coat"?

#5. In "The One with Chandler in a Box, what Alias, star played Dr. Tim Burke, Richard's son and partner in his practice?

#6. What American fashion designer did Rachel work for after leaving Bloomingdale's?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friends Game Round 2
*if you missed round 1 go back and answer the questions. You can still play. i will be posting more rounds..... plus I am now going to have  a small prize for the winner.

#1. What is Chandler's middle name?

#2. What '70s television character is Phoebe's obstetrician obsessed?

#3.In "The One After the Super Bowl," who played Erika Ford,  Joey's biggest fan who thinks he actually IS Dr. Drake Ramoray?

#4.What was the name of Rachel's assistant and later boyfriend, played by Eddie Cahill?

#5. Besides Chandler, what other Friend dated Janice?

#6.In "The One with the Halloween party," joey comes dressed as whom?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Game

Rich bought me a Scene It Game, Friends Editions, a couple of months ago. I forgot to bring it out when I was in UT and our game friends here, didn't watch the show. WHAT? So I am going to start a little game on this blog. I will ask a few trivia questions today and then post another set in a couple of days. You can answer in the comments section. I will also play. I will answer the questions before I look at the answers, promise. Please don't look at the answers until you have posted yours. One point per correct answer and a running total will be kept on the side. Anyone game?

#1 In "The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies," an interview with what magazine ends up losing Joey his job?

#2. Who says, "If I turn into my parents, I'll either be an alcoholic chasing after 20-year-old boys or I"ll end up like my mom"?

#3. In " The one after the Super Bowl," what singer played Rob Donnen, Phoebe's date who hires her to sing children's songs at the library?

#4. In the theme song, "I'll be there for you 'cause......." what?

#5.In "The One with the Rumor," Joey tells Monica if she'll cook, it he'll eat it all. What is he referring to?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can get dressed all by myself! Thank you.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Corn is for Swine

1 Family Photo at the corn maze.

5 million jumps of the hay. 2 caught in action.
1 very cute baby with 1 happy dad.
 $5 bucks spent on the backpack. $8 a piece for the corn maze. Which one was a good deal.....

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An email of Sorts from Greece

Dear Babe-
We finally made it to Mykonos. We thought that we would be on a short 3 hour boat ride but it turned out to to be 5 hours. AND it was bumpy. So bumpy. I was freaking sick. You would not be impressed with my sea legs. My dad finally tracked down a pill for me to take. Who knows what I took, the writing on the back was in Greek!

Myknonos is the most beautiful island . It is not he land that is so great but add in the buildings, the sky, the water and it is breath taking.

We are staying at a uber hip hotel. I can't believe it. (More on that later). Ethan and Nat rented a 4 wheeler this after noon. We are trying to convince my dad to 1. let us fly back to Athens 2. Rent 4 wheelers and mopeds to explore the island. He is busy napping and when he wakes up we will hit him our plan. 

Much love,

Tuesday, November 04, 2008