Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Balloons

Last Saturday night I had a small birthday party for me. Notice all the great purple balloons. The filled the ceiling and the night with delight. I LOVE BALLOONS and was so happy to have them here. HOWEVER, they ayre still here!!!! They won't die. They float and follow you around the house. We have taken balloons to our friends, we have encouraged Crewe to release them into the sky BUT they are still here. I still love balloons but my affair with them is over. Time for them to go!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nap Time

This is how we found our sweet boy taking a nap. He is trying to not take a nap very often but when you get the eye, you get the eye.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!!! 30!

Happy Birthday!
Two Diaper Bags. The white bag is from Rich. The other bag is from my parents. I love them both so much. Should I keep both?

Yesterday I turned 30! It was a very nice day . I am truly blessed to have Rich and Crewe in my life.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I am also grateful for many other people. I have even had complaints that some people got left off the list. So those that complained will now get their props:

The Dad- I love my dad. He is funny and kind and so thoughtful. He is my example of how to think of others at all times. He also is trying to name my baby. Creuella is his choice.

The Mom- I love my mom. She was in CA for over a week and we were not apart for any of that time. We never ran out of things to say to one another. She is so amazing and can do so MANY things in one day. She is what we call a dry cocaine addict. And she has no hair on her arms.

Grandma Schofield- Her name is Juanita. What more can you can about a white woman named Juanita. I love her, even though she is luke warm on me.

Brother Ethan- I do love him too. He is funny and smart. He is the best dad with great kids and a sensational wife. I wish I lived closer to him because he is a kick ass "Taboo" partner.

I also love my brother Aaron and his wife but they did not issue formal complaints.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

here's the thing

Here's the thing. Rich asked me why I have not blogged and I said I didn't have anything going on right now. He disagreed. He thought I have LOTS going on. Mostly by LOTS he means I have been complaining LOTS and LOTS!!!! Here a few highlights from the sucky days of Ashley.

1. I am sick. Crewe has had this cough and although I tired to avoid, I got his sickness. It is the worse cold/minor flu.

2. I have pregnancy sickness this week, BAD. I have been the puking queen. EVERYDAY!!!!

3. I am 8 months pregnant. Enough said!


1. Rich. He is the most amazing man. He was disbatched to the store this morning for softer kleenex. Not only did he go without complaint, he brought me 2 different kinds of Kleenex to help my weary nose.

2. Crewe. He is the sweetest boy. He is so content to hang out the play while I have been sick. When I go into the bathroom to be sick he follows me to check, "if I am okay." He asked me the other day how I was feeling. I said not good. He replied, "yeah I have headache too!"

3. Baby girl Palmer. Even though I don't have a name!!!! I am grateful that Heavenly Father is giving me a chance to have another baby.

4. Brownies. After laying on the couch this morning and watching Food Network....I think it is time to make brownines. They have gotta help, right?