Sunday, August 30, 2009

One More Post About Crewe

What the Actual Birthday Detailed for Crewe- the 6 Year Old.
Step 1. Woke up to a birthday breakfast of biscuit sticks and eggs. Oh and gifts. A Mystery Machine and Scooby doo people to the gifts. Plus a camera from Tiger and Grandma.

Step 2. Hit School.

Step 3. Have cupcakes brought in by mom and Grandma. Sister also tagged along. Get to be the boy leader for the day.

Step 4. Go to In N Out for lunch.
Step 5. Drive to the city for family pictures at the beach.

Step 6. Go to Favorite Cupcake place in the city. Try a new cupcake and LOVE it. It was chocolate, vanilla and strawberry striped.

Step 7. Hit favorite places in the city. Coit Tower. Hiking hill, ect...

Step 8. Go to, not great food but Crewe LOVED it, place to eat, Rainforest Cafe.

Step 9. Receive more gifts through the day. Get home, open a marshmallow gun. Collapse into bed.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What Kind of Mother

What kind of mother would I be if I skipped the boys first day of school? Crewe started Kindergarten this week. School started the day before he turned six. We woke up to this darling sign in our front yard. Crewe had picked out this shirt for his first day. Once we got to the school he was ready for us to leave. But instead we stayed with him, saw him to his room, checked out his table and stayed for the story. (which dayne kept yelling, "I want to go home! I'm done") When it was time to leave, Crewe just turned around and gave him the 2 finger wave and a nod. Watch out Kindergarten, The Amazing Crewe has Arrived!*

* whenever Crewe does a trick he always prefaces it with "Are you ready for The Amazing Crewe?"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Blast of the Past

Things we have done with Crewe in the past 6 years:

1. Took him to Paris.

2. Gave him a sister.

3. Let him share his room with Dayne.

4. Flown to Billings many times.

5. Potty trained him.

6. Taught him to love laugh.

7.Left him with his Grandparents to go to Paris.

8. Left him with his other Grandparents to go to Lisbon.

9. Had him wear his wear SPIKEY.
10. Grown his hair VERY long.

11. Faught with him about cutting his hair.

12. Bought him "Cars" off of ebay.

13. Found little bags for him to carry around of all his animals.

14. Taught him Boat Love.

15. Encouraged the swimming.

16. Watched a million hours of shows.

17. Failed as parents to limit his TV.

18. Made no major trips to the ER with him.

19. Loved him.

20. Loved him some more.

Monday, August 24, 2009

the Party

Guess who is turning 6?

This weekend in HOT weather we had a fantastic Scooby Doo party to celebrate the boy. We had around 40 people come over for pizza and cake. Not to mention all the good side dishes. Including Scooby Doo fruit snacks and Scooby Snacks. We had so many good friends and family here. Thanks for coming. Thanks for helping me out. Oh especially of my friends who got tricked into taking Dayne potty.

It's a good start to celebrating Crewe. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My past month's list:

1. Reunion with Rich's Jensen side family.
2. Crewe's sports Camp.
3. Potty train Baby Dayne.
4. Plan back to school and Crewe's Party.

My last Week's list:
1. Dinner with my girlfriends. And catch a movie.
2. Rejoice that Angie has finally returned from her 3 weekends gone.
3. Playdate with the Vu's.
4. Spend hours finishing Crewe's paperwork.
5. Crewe school pictures.
6. Friend birthday party.
7. Back to school BBQ. Met Crewe's teacher. (it was also 106 degree's at BBQ)
8. Have a Birthday Party for Crewe.
9. Hit another party.
10. Crash most of today.

This Upcoming Week:
1. Pick up my Mom from airport.
2. Crewe will start kindergarten.
3. Celebrate Crewe's 6th Birthday.
4. Get pedicures.
5. Take the Mom back to the airport.
6. Have a mole removed.
7. Spend the weekend resting?

Friday, August 14, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Nat,

Last night you called me to chat on your way home from work. I love when you do that. We only get to chat as long it takes from Orem to Springville. I'll take it. I love spending that time with you.

You mentioned that you were reading a book that I sent you. Gods in Alabama. When you said the title I suck my breath a little. Really? I sent this book to you? Here's the thing. I am sorry. I can't remember sending you this book. It's true, we like different books. I have been baffled by some of your book choices. A couple of months ago you semi-hurt my feelings when you told me that I don't read books with serious issues. Even though it tends to be true. So I guess we are now even. Because you are reading a TERRIBLE BOOK. Awful. Truly bad. I am so sorry that I sent that book to you.

Please don't hate me for this book.


PS Have fun at the beach this week. Enjoy reading the book I just sent you. A book I know I sent. A book for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Love

Things I have No Love For:

King sized beds

It's true. My husband has wanted a bigger bed since....we have been married. When we first got married we debated what size of bed to buy. My Grandma's sister, Helen, still sleeps with my Uncle Frank in a double bed. They like to "snuggle". Barf. We didn't need to touch when sleeping so no double. We decided that a Queen bed would work for us. It fit our budget and more importantly, it fit into our apartment. Our second apartment would not have held a King bed.

In our 9 years of marriage Rich has been trying to convince me that the next bed we buy should be a King size bed. When we go out of town Rich always requests a King bed at the hotel. It is not bad.

This past weekend we housed/dog sat for our friends. We slept in their room in their California King Sized bed. EVEN bigger. Too big. I hated it. Don't get me wrong. At first I was smitten. Ang has the softest sheets. A comfy comforter. A ceiling fan to keep your the correct temperatures. She also has a big TV with Satellite. Heaven. (shhh. Don't tell Angie but I ate ice cream in her bed and watched her dvr). Then it came to sleeping. I didn't sleep that well. The second night I used meds to sleep. Still not great. Last night as Rich and I were laying in bed talking. We were too far away. It dawned on me TOO BIG of Bed. Yuck. Too Far away. It was like being in a single bed. We had the dogs sleeping with us and we didn't even know it. I do not see a King bed in our future.

Does this mean I am like Aunt Helen and Uncle Frank?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009


"N"- Not Night. I guess it means that it is morning. Time for a Walk or a Nalk.
My parents walk their dogs twice a day. (In the early morning my parents follow the walks with personal exercise.) We joined them a few times for the morning walks. Oh what a beautiful morning.
My kids are having a healthy start to the day. They are so happy.

And the dogs too.....

Friday, August 07, 2009


"A"- Agua

One day we went to the water park or Agua Park. Crewe was mostly talk and no action once we got there. Baby Dayne cried for the big slides but she was not big enough. Then notice, how Rich had to go with her down the kiddie slides. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the slides. Well, the slowest slide. And technically, when I thought death was near, I screamed out a profanity in the all dark slide. Whatever....