Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Montana Part 1

We Are Back.

The kids and I just returned from 14 days in Montana. We had the best time. I didn't really blog while I was gone, I had a hard time downloading pictures from my mom's computer.  And what is a post without pictures???

Here is a short list of some of our highlights:

1. We went to the ward camp out---in the rain---CAMPING again?

2. 3 movies. My dad and I caught Hancock and later we took Crewe to Wall-E . Crewe also saw Kung Fu Panda with my mom. He now wants us to refer to him as Master Tiger. By the way, I am Master Snake.

3. I got to to dinner and hang out with my friend, Delaine. She is so very cool. She has a crush on her postman. AND his name is Thor. Very cool.

4. So many games of Crosscribs, Marbles, and Tile Rummy. 

5. We got a babysitter 3 times. Ah, adult time. Lovely.

*I think I will post 5 things about our trip for the next few days. Boring for some but a great way for me to remember a GREAT trip.


brittany said...

it sounds like you had such a fun time in mt. i love the picture of your kids. so cute.

jody said...

We loved having you all here and we are in serious children withdrawal!!!! Those kids are so dang cute, it was fun that Dayne would let me play dress up. Dad loved that Dayne learned to say Tiger and that she would get so excited when she saw him. One of many things that I loved was that Cp would just tell me that he loved me just out of the blue. Oh it is a sad house.

{natalie} said...

no mention of rich, is he still alive?

glad you are back, we should catch up soon. i read the list book. the pictures are really cute

Amy said...

Post away my dear! I love keeping tabs on your family. It may just be borderline stalking at this point. I want to go to Montana, now...I am so jealous!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Sounds like a great time! How's Rich? Cute pictures.