Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going Where?

(a test run in the backyard. I thought it was too smokey and went inside to enjoy civility)

I am going camping.

After the laughter dies down, I will continue......

The deal-o, 6 months ago we decided that we would go camping with some friends. They said it would be fun and I agreed. Now, JUST NOW, I am thinking, WHAT THE 
HELL?????? I DON'T CAMP. I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE OUTDOORS!! It has been many moons since I last camped. Past examples:

1. In college I went with Rich to his grandpa's cabin in southern UT. I went mostly to make out with Rich after everyone went to bed.

2. I also went to the cabin with  Rich's brother and friends to show Rich how OVER I was of him.  I was in a place that he LOVED and I WASN'T even thinking about him.

3. In high school my family with my parents friends on some weekend.All I remember is Amy Ostler and I laughing and hanging out with Tyler Somebody and Ike. For a weekend I thought the boys were cute.

4. GIRLS CAMP.  I can't even go there. Me-no-likey. If you are not LDS, bless yourself and stay away from girls camp.  In fact, this post was suppose to be why this weekend will be better than girls camp...maybe another day. Barf!

Here are my reasons why I don't camp:
1.It is outdoors.
2. You sleep on the floor.
3. You have to wear plaid flannel shirts.
4. Group Eggs. Barf.
5. Too much crap to bring to pretend you are really indoors.

Just you think I am a totally downer here are a few upsides:
1. I think my kids will LOVE it.
2. It makes Rich happy.
3. I will have a great time with my friends.
4. It is something we don't normally do. So it is exciting to try new things.
5. I got a new pink sleeping bag for Mother's Day.
6. Oh, I am totally bringing Tylenol PM for myself.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girl Milestones

My sweet niece, Addison just turned 2 on Sunday. Already she has her ears pierced, wears a real necklace everyday and always has a bracelet on. She is GIRLY-GIRL. She is soft and feminine at 2.

As I think of Addi I always hope Dayne will be girly. Then this past week Dayne passed 2 Girl-milestones. I was working my toenails and dayne came in the bathroom. She stomped her feet and pointed her toes. I painted her big toe pink and then she quietly said, "More." Then my 14 month old baby stood perfectly still as I painted her toes, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, with polish. Ah, my heart swooned.

Oh she passed another girl milestone.......

Dayne's first Ponytail!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I am in a "mood" tonight.  So I want to make a list of my issues:

1. I hate season finales. They always want to make them bigger and cliff hanger-ery. Dumb. Boo.  Just fill my happiness. Let Jim propose.  Let Betty love Henry. 

2. I don't like mango. I always pretend to like it because it is a cool fruit but ENOUGH. Me-no-likey.

3. I think I have a hair growing in my ear. Gross. If I was an old man I would have an ear hair trimmer.

4. I had a pedicure about a month ago. I can't get the nail polish off. What did they do? Glue the color on?

5. I have to read a 500 page book by Thursday and I just. can't. get. Ah!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Our friends Landon and Marie had a baby this week. A boy baby!!! Congrats guys. We love you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yesterday + more Ut

Yesterday I daydreamed about Rockband. My brother has downloaded more songs for his band and it was AWESOME. Weezer, Blink 182, ect... 

Yesterday I went to dinner with 6 great friends.

Yesterday I changed Baby Dayne's outfit 3 times plus jammies. It was a messy day.

Yesterday I told my friends about getting my teeth whitened this by the lovely Dr. Schofield. They all had my smile to take a look but then it was decided that a dark restaurant might not be the best place to look at the bright whites.

Yesterday I missed the sister-in-laws.

Yesterday I had my feelings hurt when I was corrected in front of a group.

Yesterday Crewe had to wear basketball shoes with his shorts to school. Not the best look but the school says shoes are a must and it was freaking hot.

Yesterday I went to a 10:55pm movie. It was very average.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UT trip

How do you sum an amazing weekend? I just am not sure I can. And let's be honest. Only my parents are interested in the pictures and the details. So I will go with a list of a FEW of the highlights. 

1. We went to BYU. Mostly Rich and I traded shots about our schools while we were trying to inform Crewe.

Me:Crewe this is the college that the smartest people in the world go to.

Rich: Especially if you don't get into Ricks. Or a huge nerd.

Here is what Crewe got from the morning: There is a huge Y on the mountain made of snow.

2. We went to the training table. It was as good as I remembered. 

***I had a bunch of photos ready for this post but I decided to make it into a bunch of posts. THE WEEK OF UT. *sorry about the lameness but my parents will love this week.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Things are good here. Crazy and good. I just have not had a complete post in me so here is a list of Things that are going on.

1. Friday I went out to dinner with my friend Petra and the server messed up our bill so the manager paid for our dinner. Nice. The server wasn't that good so we just left a couple of bucks for a tip. Then we decided to hit the movies because we had money to burn. AND Petra slept for most of the movie. The 8pm movie. Good thing I adore Petra.

2. Saturday we were suppose to meet my Grandparents and Aunt/Uncle in the city but complications arose. I had signed up for scrapbooking class with Kelli so I went to that. It was 10am-2am. I only stayed until 12am and got home around 1am. That's right. 14 hours of scrapbooking. It was very fun.

3. I am learning to really like "The Office". Can someone explain to me what the deal is with Toby?

4. We are going to Utah tomorrow for the weekend. I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it. It has been  2 years since we have been to UT or even seen my brother, Aaron and his kids. WAY TOO LONG.  So the plan is to play with brothers, wives and children, Oh and eat. I plan on tricking people into eating at Training Table. *Note to UT readers. Sorry we just can't make it this time to visit. But 2 years has been too long. We will be back.

5. Last night I went to my monthly MNO dinner. We went to the same place that Petra and I had gone  but with 20 more women. About 1/2 through the dinner our server started getting more help and guess who was helping him? The "server" from Friday night. Petra stopped her and asked her if she remembered us and went over the story with her. I pretended like I had never seen her before.

6. How much does Baby Dayne look like Rich?