Sunday, April 29, 2007

dayne's blessing

Today we blessed our sweet Baby Dayne. It was so nice and wonderful. We had lots of Palmers and friends come to the blessing. I wish more of my family could have been there but we decided to bless her with short notice. So,... My mom did get to come and I am so grateful she is here with us.
Don't you LOVE the cute napkins (nat made them, delish).
I love the favors. Thanks for making them Mom!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Time to Read

These are the sweet kids in bed together. They are getting ready for Rich to read them a book about a weiner dog named Oscar (I need to get the Schofields this book). Crewe LOVES it when sister gets to get in the bed and be with him. Delightful.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

good bye

Death to the CD. I love music. I used to love CD's. It was the thing that linked me to my dad (and books). Everytime I came home from college we would go to Best Buy and get a new CD. It was so fun. I would pour over the selection and pretend to be surprised when my dad would suggest a certain cd. We would trade suggestions but I usually knew in advance what music was going home with me. Lots of times I ended up with 2 treasures.

Side note* My dad has excellent taste in music and has fostered a love of music in me. (songs, not playing music). He taught me to love 60's music and I have introduced him to????

Then came the I-Pod into my life. It is AMAZING. I still love music and I still pour over my selections, now on Itunes. My dad now buys me i tune gift cards . We still talk about the new music, just now we both pull our itunes accounts. (just last night, I called him with a Avril Lavigine suggestion). BUT we no longer buy CD's. Rich and I went through our cd's and donated/threw out all of my past obessions. I am sad to say goodbye but beat will go on....

Friday, April 20, 2007

The kids

Crewe is such a great big brother. He loves Dayne. He is always wanting to kiss and hug on her. He LOVES holding the baby. His favorite thing is when she comes into his bed and Rich reads to them both. He wants "his baby" to be his friend and play with him. We are so lucky to have the little palmers!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter Story

location: the bath
the player: Crewe

"Dad told me that I can sit like this."
(he sits against the back of the tub and slips)
"Woe, I almost slipped and died, just like Jesus!"

I'm a sleep Whore

"Hello, my name is Ashley. And I am a sleep Whore."

I have not always been a sleep whore. In fact, I didn't care that much about sleep. When I was really little I thought it was a waste of time and have always stuck to that belief. I have never been a night owl and have enjoyed getting up early in the morning. I always have gone to bed at a reasonable time (at my house growing up the lights went OUT by 10:30 and you were left in the dark. Even at christmas time we were able to watch Leno's opening and then DARKNESS).
Since Dayne has been on this little earth things have CHANGED. I was happily doing the night time duty (feedings, rockings, sleeping on the couch, sleeping in the chair, ect). I did all the things that a new mom does until about 5am. Rich started taking over that feeding and i would go get in bed. I discovered I LOVED my bed. It felt so warm and wonderful. It is soft and smells so good. (and I get to sleep without a baby in my arms) I would sleep until 8 or 9. It became my favorite time. Now i am addicted.
Reasons I know i am now a whore:
1. I have been tricking rich to doing the 2/3am feeding and heading to bed then.
2. My in-laws were over last night and when they offered to hold the baby I played the new mom card and went to 7pm.
3. I am trying to be generous and let rich sleep in (it is 6:20am) but I have plans to trick Rich into staying home from work for a few hours so I can visit the bed when he wakes up.

"hello my name is Ashley and I am a sleep whore"

Sunday, April 15, 2007


My little family is kicking back watching a baby Einstein video. Don't they look comfortable??

This week has been very up and down. We have been working very hard on "the pooping" part of crewe's potty training. This has been going on for a VERY long time. So this week he has been talking about Chuck E Cheese. As soon as he started going to the bathroom on his own we said we would take him to the Big Cheese. Crewe has preformed wonderfully this weekend so we planned the outing. We got to the restaurant and they were FULL. They were at capacity so they were not letting any more people come in. WHAT!*%$ Try explaining all this to a 3 year old. Luckily we found another place. An upscale Cheese, Super Franks. Thank you Super Franks for saving our hide!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today we played outside. The bubble machine was on and the bubbles made Crewe so happy.
Oh yeah, Dayne cried. And cried some more!
At least she had cute shoes on today!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

poor me

All these cute easter babies!!! (I do have more nephews and nieces but no pictures were sent to me so..)

We have had a crazy last couple of days. It has involved Crewe going to the emergency room (three people had to hold him down so he could get a shot of penicillin). A minor mouth surgery (hospital was clear in oakland but it went really well). A short trip to the emergency room for an ear infection(me). Some kind of allergic reaction and a black and blue hand is swelling (me.) A new swing that goes side to side and helps you sleep (rich wishes it was for him but it is for dayne.)
Clara McDonald. Best friend Kayleen's little girl
Yvonne's kiddies
Sports nut, Cousin Kade
Kade and Addison in thier finery!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Rich

2. He plays rockets with Crewe.

3. He reads to Crewe everynight.

4. Takes us to the zoo!

5. Feeds Baby Dayne.
*maybe it is time for anew shirt for Rich. These photos are months apart and the red shirt is popular!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

the first egg hunt

happy Easter. Our little egg hunter is the man!

Monday, April 02, 2007

this weekend

The boys got the boat nice and clean.

Baby Dayne got in a workout.

We sat cousin Rebecca in the bumbo.