Monday, June 30, 2008

Freaking Good

How good do these cookies look? They have a pudding mix in them.....check out the recipe here.

So far this week, Baby Dayne and I both are sick. Fevers, puking, yuck feeling. Oh and Crewe is at Tadpole Camp during the day.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Very fun Weekend

Our Weekend
the kids stayed up WAY TOO LATE
Dayne ate Salt and Vinegar chips
Many laughs with good Friend
19 kids
10 million cookies consumed

2 great wake boarding runs
4 HAPPY kids
3 smacks in the head(1 for ash, 2 for mia-ouch)
2 Sandwiches  ordered from Safeway
1 puking dayne
10 million complaints about the wind
Great family help 
3 sunburns
2 People magazines read
a Big order of mexican food
Great friends at our Cabin

Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Talent Show

Let My Love Open the Door.
I love this song from Pete Townshend. I listen to it everyday when I am on the treadmill. It makes me so happy. I also love the scene from Dan in Real Life when at the family talent show they perform this song. I tried to post the clip from YouTube but I am a fool who doesn't have the skills. Maybe that could be my talent at the family talent show. Dare I ask what your talent would be at a Family Talent Show?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Binky Dip

* brother's cute kids. all binky lovers---not now but as babies*
I have this brother who has 4 kids. So he knows a lot about the tricks of parenting. One of his best tricks is a Binky-Dip. Aaron is the master of  the binky-dip. All of his children have enjoyed  the  binky-dipping. 

Definition of a Binky-Dip: Dip the Binky in the drink selection that is on the table. Or in extreme times the sauces on the table or maybe even soups. 

We never did the binky-dip with Crewe and last night we started it with Dayne. However, it backfired. 

We went to Chili's last night for a little family dinner. Dayne was really fussy and we were having a tough time keeping her happy.  Then binky-dip idea came to us. We happily dipped Dayne's pacifier in my Diet Coke.

Later her beloved pacifier fell under my bench. Rich retrieved the pacifier and all was well. As we loaded in car she was crying and Rich handed her a pacifier.

Me: Hey, that is not the pac that was under the disgusting bench on the grimmy floor.

Rich:Yeah, but I dipped in your Diet Coke. It's all good.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bust It

I have not been blogging because I can't think of anything to write about. We have been good. Life has been busy. We have been swimming, playing with friends, having nights out, ect... But I can form a good story or set of funny lines from my life. So in an attempt to bust out of this rut I will try to pick a picture and post SOMETHING from our daily life. Daily blogging. I will try it for....the next few days? Feel free to get a glazed looked about yourself.

Friday, June 20, 2008

So busy having a Good Time

This week we have:

1. Been swimming almost every day. It is over 100 right now at 4pm.

2. I played BUNCO and sucked. Is there any talent behind this game?

3. Ate pizza 3 times+ 1 more time for the kids. NO.MORE.PIZZA

4. Played with friends and cousins. Thanks for coming over.

5. Sheared Crewe.

6. Tonight we going to play Guitar Hero and Wii at our lovely friends house. 

Life is Good.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

70 Years in the Making

This past weekend we celebrated Richard's Grandparents 70 wedding Anniversary. They were married in 1938. Both Dick and LaPriel have college degrees. Both are in good health. They live alone and take care of one another. They have 3 kids, 13 grand kids and  22 great grand kids with 3 on the way. I think.... Plus all the spouses.

We had the best weekend. We stayed at a hotel in Pleasanton on Friday. We had a pizza/pool party and were able to start the catch up with the cousins. We know all of these cousins really well because of a  little thing called, "Cousin Council." Anyone who knew us in Ut, knows of Cousin Council.  Grandpa Palmer paid for us to go to dinner once a month with all of the Palmer cousins. 

Saturday was a big day of more swimming, a BBQ, bounce house, playing and chatting. You know how those Palmers like to talk! Saturday night we brought Dayne home and we went back to the hotel to swim and play. Crewe was a champ all weekend. He loved playing with everyone and swimming.

Sunday we all went to church together and just enjoyed being together.  We came home and had a small family dinner and then FINALLY celebrated Father's Day. We love our dads. I love Rich, he is a great dad. And this was a GReat Weekend. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What? No comments

The number of comments I have received on the last couple of posts has gone way down. I like the comments as much as the next blogger. So either I am boring or my family has quit reading my blog.

So today I will hit you with a few Crewe stories for your laughing and hopefully commenting pleasure.
Story 1

We were singing the theme song to The Jetsons the other night. Crewe was singing loudly, especially the green part of the song.

Meet George Jetson.
His Boy Elroy.
Daughter Judy.

 (what happened to Jane his Wife????)


Story 2

We went to drop off our payment for our storage unit today. Crewe came into the office and said,

"It smells HORRIBLE in here. What is the that smell?"

Me: "I don't know. Be quiet." It kind of smelled like a smoker trying to cover it up with a bad Glade candle.

Crewe: "Excuse me. (to the office worker). What is the HORRIBLE smell? It smells like someone might have peed or even pooped in here!"


Story 3

As I am taking a big drink from MY water bottle. Crewe: "Can I have a drink of your water?"

Me:" You need to get your own water. You have a cough right now and I don't want your germs."

Crewe: "Just so you know, last night I drank out of your water bottle so my germs are already in there."


Monday, June 09, 2008

Leapster Game

Dear Mom and Dad,

We had such a great time with you last week. We loved going to Six Flags, out to dinner, the farmers market, the A's game, preschool and shopping. Thanks for coming. We love you.

Ash, Rich and Kids

Ps Crewe LOVES his new Leapster game. He is taking it EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Quick Rundown

Sorry I didn't have a great story all ready for the camping rundown. We/I had a great time. My kids played and played with all their friends. They were filthy and grubby but so happy. I enjoyed myself A LOT. I froze my ass off the first night and woke Rich up to make sure the baby wasn't frozen to death.  I think I would go camping again, especially with all the great friends that I got to spend my time with. We totally enjoyed the big camp fires, playing games, great food, a nice hike through HUGE trees (there are 2 pics in the past post-- Crewe walking through a tree and Dayne laying on a stump--huge trees), and just hanging out. Thanks guys for making me try something new.

We came home tired and relaxed on Sunday. On Monday night my mom came into town. When we pulled up to the curb, MY DAD was standing there too. I was so delightfully surprised. Last night we went to an A's baseball game. We are heading out to Six Flags this morning. Great times. 

My parents leave Friday at 6am.  Friday at 4pm I am leaving for a girls weekend in Tahoe.


 Camping life with friends - Enjoyable
Parents here- Fast paced and very fun
Upcoming Weekend-O-Girls

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Camping Weekend

Let me say 3 words in this picture post.  Dirt is EVERYWHERE!