Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's HERE!!!

*2006 Note to self. Sit down and closer up for this years picture. Also don't sit next to Nat, she lost 70lbs this year. *

*2007. I was 36 'sih weeks pregnant and didn't realize I had crap on my camera, so all the pics are foggy.*

My mom has been here so I have been busy. Tomorrow I am leaving for my Annual Schofields Girls Weekend. Whoo-Hoo. Wish us Luck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We played Rock Band all night on Saturday. It was so much fun. I want everyone I know to come over and play. Let's ROCK!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

We are Rock Stars

We are ALL becoming Rock Stars.  Now Crewe and Dayne need to start making money with their mad skills!!!!

***A post will come later about this weekends Rock Band party!****

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A new collection

I saw this movie, definitely, maybe, tonight with friends. It was a good movie. Simple and enjoyable. 

One of the characters has a collection of Jane Eyre novels. She has the same book just different copies, prints or versions. I LOVE THIS IDEA.  Not that I want to collect a Jane Eyre, me no likey. But I love collections and more importantly I love the idea of collecting something that is the SAME but different in how you have it, over and over. 

Later in the movie, another girl loves a certain song. Her boyfriend buys her tons of CD's all by different artists but they all cover that song.

Get it?

So I have been thinking, what can I collect? At first I was thinking, Diet Coke. Cans from different counties, different areas and different containers. HOWEVER, I would not like the space that the cans/bottles would take up and I would drink the soda. So.....

I am thinking.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Color Baby

I have a thing for color. I loved my color theory classes I took in college. I  keep my closet in color coded sections. I line my shoes up according to color. I would like to color code my books. In fact, this morning I emailed my friend about going to see a Color Theory exhibit at the MOMA. 

As I made my blog rounds I read this. Then I followed her link to this article in New York magazine about people who only wear one color. Very interesting. I am not sure I could do this but I  would like to. Weird or cool? I am voting cool.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You're Invited

Guess what we got????? We are having open mic night EVERYNIGHT this week. Who wants to come?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 31st

My birthday was wonderful. Thank you for all the great gifts, emails and phone calls. I loved it!!! I received AWESOME packages in the mail. THANK YOU!!!!!

A brief rundown on the day.  I mean who wants to listen to be go on and on about the day????

I got to sleep in, until 7am. Crewe then promptly wanted me to open my gifts. Dayne got me a kite and Crewe bought me a favorite candy. They also got me purple tulips. Thanks kids. I  then opened the gifts from my mom and dad. Thanks for the new IPOD. I am in heaven. HEAVEN. I told Crewe that he could have my old ipod and he told me that he would rather use my NEW one. Snob.

Rich bought me a 
Playstation 2 and  Guitar Hero. I LOVE IT!!!!! Saturday night we stayed up with friends until 2am playing. I ROCK! You must come over to my house and play soon. 

My birthday was filled with all good things, lunch a Chilis, a note on my car when we returned- cool, nail polishes that I love!!!, books, hand made tags, heart shaped pastas, money( which I love getting for my birthday- hitting the mall today), cake tower, voicemails, flowers,  polk-a-dot suitcase, cards, banana tart ect.......

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 
I am one very lucky 31 year old.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Favorite Month

I Love having my birthday in February. I share this month with some of my favorite people!!!!(Pic of kelly. Can't get it in the correct place!!!)

the 15th- My friend, Trieste. Yesterday we had lunch for her. With everything in storage I don't have a picture and I forgot to bring out my camera yesterday.  She is smart, kind and artistic. You can check her blog out here.  AND she is turning 30 YEARS old.

the 18th- My sweet nephew, Alex will be turning 7 this month. Holy cow. He is an avid reader and a very good boy. I love you, Al.

the 19th- My cousin, Kurt. He and his life partner - I mean, Ethan- were a delight to be around at Christmas. Any single girls out there? Let me hook you up with a real gem.
 the 22nd- My favorite Friend, Kelly.  As in Greg and Kelly. I love seeing them when we are in UT and am sad that we don't liver closer. Kelly is awesome. She is a great cook, crafty and very fun to be with. The picture of kelly won't come down and I am getting annoyed so it will stay there for awhile.

the 25th- A favorite college roommate, Shauna. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and children.  We have not seen each other in almost 5 years but it wouldn't matter. We could get together and it would be like we were never apart.

the 26th- My best friend, Ryan.  He is so thoughtful and kind. I love this picture. We both have added baby girls to our families since then but it still one of my favorites. His wife is wonderful and his kids are cute.

*PS I will post a birthday post later but so far today has been WONDERFUL!!!!!*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a Favorite Item

#13- Rain boots
I love me some rain boots. Our version of winter here involves a lot of rain. Some years are worse than others and after one particular bad month, I declared that I was buying rain boots. Or galoshes.  I actually own only 1 pair but would gladly have more. So they are my favorite. Although, they would be my favorite even if I owned 5o pairs.  They are pink and very simple. However, they are lined in hot pink with the hot pink strip up the back. The best part....I bought them in Paris. Oui, I love the rain when I am outfitted in these favorite boots.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Favorite Treat

#12 Junior Mints + Popcorn = treat heaven

Eat them together at the same time.

PS I know the junior mint picture is a little freaky but I couldn't find a normal picture.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Favorite Game Show

#11 Favorite Game Show- Don't Forget the Lyrics!

I love this show and I am pretty good at it. I always get out my air guitar and my singing voice and rock out to the whole show.  Plus I always learn new things. 1. I don't know any Elton John songs. At all.  2. I totally rock on the $300,000 song.  3. I have been singing A LOT of songs wrong. Totally wrong. Who knew the correct words to Starship's, We Built This City? I thought I knew the words but I SO don't. Say you don't me, a corporate rat race...... (wrong)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

One of Many Favorite Movies

#10 Blue Crush - A Favorite Movie

I can't really offer a lot of explanation of why I  like this movie. I just do. When it came out on DVD we had a Blue Crush party at my brothers house. I think we ordered hawaiian pizza and I made an upside down pineapple cake. What more can I say, than a movie that receives a party should not be missed.....


This week has been my first experience having 2 sick kids. It has been awful. Did I mention that I have a cold and a smokers cough, too? Boo for us. I took Dayne to the doctor on Thurs and while we were there Crewe piped up, "Yeah, I got green stuff starting to come out of my eyes." The Dr. happily wrote Crewe a prescription and charged me to see him too. Almost $200 later we collapsed at home. We have been huge hombodies this week and it is sooooo getting old. So yesterday we did what all respectable parents do.......

We went out to lunch. Hey, we were out of the house and we don't actually KNOW any of the people we infected.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Favorite China Plates

#9 China- Kate Spade China

I love plates. I have many types of plates and I am always trying to con Rich into buying me more. I think my favorite plates are part of my china plate collection. I have very NORMAL almost boring china as my main pattern. I do like them but a couple of years ago I got a set of accent plates. I LOVE my Kate Spade, polk-a-dot accent plates. White with hot pink dots. TO-DIE-FOR. I always am so happy when I use them and I get loads of compliments on them.

The picture is of the small dessert plates that is part of my plates. The set rotates patterns. Want them.

The black and white plate will be next on my China conquests.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Favorite Scent

#8 Chanel's ALLURE

This is my signature scent. I wear it most days and I have worn it for YEARS. One time I got together with an old college good friend. We hugged and when we parted she said, "Ah, it smells like Ashley."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Favorite Fip Flops

# 7 Flip Flops

I LOVE flip flops. I wear them year round. I think they "go" with almost anything. They are so comfortable and squishy. My favorites are REEF sandals and J.CREW flip flops. Seriously, like walking on clouds. I buy a new pair of each every year. Do it. Try them for yourself. PS the J.CREW ones sell out very quickly.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Favorite Artist

#6 Cassandra Christensen Barney

I love this artist. She is the daughter of the famous-with-Mormons, James Christensen. I love love her paintings! She is too expensive for me so I just look at the catalog and drool. You can check Barney out on her website or her blog.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Favorite Gloss

#5 MAC Lipglass

I love MAC makeup in general. I wear their blush and their lipgloss. I love a tinted lipglass -EXPLICIT. And I LOVE the clear lipglass. Warning* it is very sticky.