Monday, January 05, 2009

A Review of 2008

January. We discovered that we like to fly kites. 

February. Dayne is walking. She can go longer than short bursts now. She is forever walking.

March. Baby Dayne turns 1. We love having her part of our family. Crewe is an amazing big brother and treats her very good.  We had a poodle/Paris birthday party.

April. Richard birthday is a HUGE blowout of Rockband and Guitar Hero. 

May. We went to Utah. We had not been back in over 2 years. It was so fun to see my family, let the cousins play and enjoy Utah. We watched my little brothers baseball game, visited friends, ate out, had our teeth whitened got babysitters, played Rock Band, went to a jump house, and had a great time. 
June. Crewe finished school for the summer. My parents came for a visit. Rich and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary. 

July. We went were here for the 4th of July. We went to a party at the Jones house and let the kids stay up late to watch fireworks.  Crewe went to Nature Camp. The kids and I went to Montana and were totally spoiled. It is always the best time. 

August. Crewe turned 5. We had a big birthday party with friends and loved ones. We spent most weekends at the River. It was freaking HOT. Crewe lost his first tooth.

September. Crewe started his second year of preschool.  HE loves it. Crewe lost his second tooth. We went back to UT for my cousins wedding reception. The cousins got to LOVE each other again. 

October. I got to travel to Greece. Rich then came over and met me in Lisbon.  AMAZING. Our kids were a skeleton and a poodle for Halloween. I also got to on a Girls Weekend. 

November.  I had another Girls Weekend. So-MUCH-FUN. Then we went to Montana for Thanksgiving. My mom and I got up at 5am to go shopping. Crewe fell in love with snow. Baby Dayne fell in love with Diet Coke.

December. We took the kids to the new aquarium in the City. We had a crazy Christmas season. We celebrated our first Christmas on our on.  

It was a very good year..... here is to 2009!


jody said...

What a good year. Darling pictures! so glad we were a part of it all.

Dave and Crissie said...

You mean Christmas with the Palmers! :) Don't forget us! I'm most impressed, however, with the 4:00 am post. We have way different schedules, you and me.

{natalie} said...

it was a good year. i'm glad we got to see you a lot of times this year. add keeps talking about seeing you guys on the cruise...we are excited. love all the pictures.

brittany said...

looks like a great year for the palmer fam!

KAP said...

You didn't mention your birthday, everyone else in your family got a bday shout out, but not you. It was a good year!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love this post! Nice recap!

The Petersen Post said...

What a fun blog! We miss you all and wish we could see more of you. Love Brit