Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Dark

The other night I came home from a dinner with my girlfriends. It was late and the members of my household were all in bed. In fact, I had to briefly wake Rich up so he would know that I was home and not to do his scary man yelling (you know he is prone to do that if he is awaken during his slumber). While I was tired, I was not quite ready for bed. In fact, I wanted to read a little bit of a book that I was really starting to enjoy. I didn't want to turn on the lights and admit that I was staying up to read. What to do? I decided to pull a Richard and read in the bathroom. Let me tell you what I learned.

1) I don't get it.

2) The toliet is not a comfortable place to sit on for more than a few seconds.

3) It is very weird.

4) Not great lightening.

5) Plus I feel weird for saying.... but the smell. Boo.


Anonymous said...

The smell?

Amy said...

I don't get it either. Wes makes bathroom time an "event" complete with crossword puzzle and pencil and it drives me crazy! Especially when there is more than one "event" a day!

{natalie} said...

this is a very weird post.

staying up to read is nothing to be ashamed of!

jody said...

You are to funny. You read in the tub, not that I ever do. Next time get the head light or just turn on a real light.

jody said...
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