Monday, January 18, 2010

Pretend December

This is our pal, Nathan cutting down our Christmas tree. Rich was out on injured reserve but look at him supervise. This year we went down to the Santa Cruz Mountains and cut our tree down. A few morsels for thought:

1. It was fun. 2. Kind of expensive

3. And very wet. Nothing like ringing in the Holidays with good friends, a tree cutting party and umbrellas.


{natalie} said...

i like the idea of cutting down the tree but i don't know if we will ever do it. i love dayne's face, she looks less than pleased with the rain.

brittany said...

oh how i love cutting down trees. we bought a fake tree in utah, and have never gone back to cutting trees. i am sad about it every year.. i miss the smell of a real tree. your kids look so cute in their rain gear.

Aaron said...

ok this didn't look fun at all

go for the fake tree and buy a tree smelly thing

jody said...

oh that was me not aaron