Friday, March 05, 2010

Pacifier Fairy

This week the Pacifier Fairy came to our house. In my opinion, a 3 year old doesn't need a pacifier. She doesn't need it. I didn't think she needed it at 2 either but I think we had a few valid excuses to keep it (family cruise, trip to Mexico in a house with no doors, ect...) but then laziness took over. Dayne's pacifiers have been in the crib for the past year. They were not allowed out ever.

So on Monday we tied pacifier's to balloons and went outside. Dayne shouted, " Pacs Fairy. I am done with my pac's. Come take them to a new baby". She threw her arms in the air and released the pink and purple balloons. The balloons promptly fell down. Apparently pacifiers are also excellent balloon weights. So I quickly ripped the suckers off, put them in my pocket and had dayne let go of the balloons again. We watched the balloons disappear into the darkness. Crewe was sure the Fairy grabbed them so they quickly beelined upstairs to Dayne's bed to see if she left a treasure for Dayne.

I am wearing the treasured lip gloss to show you that Fairy's do exist and dreams come true.

As long as they are not weighted down with a pacifier.

PS Isn't the picture U-G-L-Y? I couldn't resist using it. I don't think our Fairy looks like that?!


{natalie} said...

i'm glad it worked! and i'm laughing thinking about the balloons coming right back down....that's awesome. the binky fairy worked for us. add still talks about the tinkerbell doll she got.

good job dayne!

ps that looks like a precious memories figurine

brittany said...

that same exact thing happened to my friend. we went to their paci party and the balloons came right back down.

i'm glad the fairy worked! stella is OBSESSED with lipgloss, so that sounds like the perfect prize to me!

jody said...

Oh so sweet! But yes the pass needs to go to another baby. love that soon to be 3 year old

Amy said...

I have that same little figurine on a shelf in my living room and I love it.
Such a great idea with the balloons! Hope it works out!