Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Up

Well. Where to start. I guess I will make a list. Oh and the picture has nothing to do with this post but I had it pulled to add to Dayne's birthday post. It is a picture of Crewe on his 3rd Birthday.

Oh I am still in a pj's. I need to:
*unpack from our trip to Mexico
*start the millionth load of laundry
* brush my hair
*brush my teeth


{natalie} said...

glad you are back.

i will call

jody said...

I tell you the Mexican air has sleeping pills in it and it makes you just not want to do anything... did you bring some back with you? Seriously you need to "brush your teeth"

It was so fun and I am missing you and yours

brittany said...

i wish i had just been in mexico! lucky you. i hope it was nice and relaxing for you!!

Anonymous said...

are you ever going to blog again?