Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sentences

My kids were acting so terrible yesterday. Crewe was in a fit about everything. Then he turned on Dayne. I HAD it! So I told Crewe that he owed me 10 sentences about "Things he likes about Dayne"

Here are the sentences:

"I Like you. I Love you. I like buutty (beauty). You are funny. You're sily. You are a good prsin (person). You are a good friend. You are gret. I like your glassis. I will like you for ever."


{natalie} said...

good idea. did it make him happier?

chickadee3357 said...

I like that idea too. Also, that Crewe is such a sweet one.

jody said...

Good list CP and what a good idea. Here is my 10.
1 She is the sweetest thing. 2. She says the funniest things 3.She is very honest. 4.So polite 5. A great fashion sense. 6. She and the glasses are over the top cute. 7.So smart 8. I love it that she calls me just to say she loves me. 9. I love that she is such a girlie girl 10. She is so kind to CP and others. 11. she is so happy most of the time. 12 I like her fiestieness!! I could go on and on but I am out of room