Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy Day

Whew.... Busy Day.
Today I...
Made 2 lunches 
Everyone showered
Took Dayne to Preschool
Went to Crewe's school to volunteer
Ran to Target
Picked Dayne up
Made lunch
Worked Worked Worked (Typing Bankruptcy's)
Picked Crewe up from school early
Went to get  Crewe's haircut 
Came home and made bread dough
Went to the pool for swimming
Came home
Finished bread and made dinner
Cleaned Up
Finished a very good book
Went to a Cooking Class 
Watched TV
Started the day at 6am and now it's 10:30. 

PS Picture from when I was gone. Rich let the kids "camp out" on the floor.


Anonymous said...

I liked the part about work. Good job!! You are in the running for employee of the month. Large bonus and a great parking spot.

jody said...

Whew! Looks like those kids had a long day too. It's good to be busy and have the energy to do it all. Count your many blessing and these 2 have got to be at the top of the list. Love these little sleeping angels to pieces.

{natalie} said...

You have been a busy lady! Days like that are good and bad for me. You def deserve yoga pants after a day like that :)