Wednesday, April 11, 2007

poor me

All these cute easter babies!!! (I do have more nephews and nieces but no pictures were sent to me so..)

We have had a crazy last couple of days. It has involved Crewe going to the emergency room (three people had to hold him down so he could get a shot of penicillin). A minor mouth surgery (hospital was clear in oakland but it went really well). A short trip to the emergency room for an ear infection(me). Some kind of allergic reaction and a black and blue hand is swelling (me.) A new swing that goes side to side and helps you sleep (rich wishes it was for him but it is for dayne.)
Clara McDonald. Best friend Kayleen's little girl
Yvonne's kiddies
Sports nut, Cousin Kade
Kade and Addison in thier finery!


Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

where are your cute easter babies? sounds like a crazy few days. hope everyone is feeling better.

the mom said...

So glad all is better today.
What darling kids in their Easter finery. Claras gloves are so cute, kade with his glove, Addison Addison Baby girl is so darling, Yvonne's babies with the curley hair too cute.

*natalie* said...

hey thanks for putting up cute pics of my fam. i am sorry you are having so much medical drama lately!

*ethan* said...

the first pic is the cutest! mainly because i'm in it

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Oh man! Hope everyone is doing better now!