Sunday, April 29, 2007

dayne's blessing

Today we blessed our sweet Baby Dayne. It was so nice and wonderful. We had lots of Palmers and friends come to the blessing. I wish more of my family could have been there but we decided to bless her with short notice. So,... My mom did get to come and I am so grateful she is here with us.
Don't you LOVE the cute napkins (nat made them, delish).
I love the favors. Thanks for making them Mom!


Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

so so cute. everything is adorable. are the napkins printed or did she write on them, is this ethans natalie or aarons? i love the one sweet cookie that is cute and her dress i already told you, i love!

*natalie* said...

that was me, britt. i screenprinted them.

those favors are so cute. i love carmel waffle cookies. i want one, can you mail one?

wish we were there

*ethan* said...

those napkins are the best!