Monday, December 31, 2007

Not Bragging, Just Saying

Just Saying.....

I love talking with my friends and family about the gifts they received for Christmas. I think it always interesting to see the things they have wanted, hoped for or are annoyed that they got.You learn many things. Here is a little ditty to prove my point. My sister-in-law, Crissie, told me that she wanted this eye cream that really expensive. WHAT? I didn't know that she liked expensive girl treats. Me TOO!!! Dave complained about the price, so she went and bought it herself. YES!
I like giving gifts so much that I think it is also great to talk about the gifts that you got. Give praise to the giver. I received MANY wonderful gifts (so no emails if your gift isn't listed. I LOVED it). Here is small sampling of my booty. Praise you giver!!!Beijo Bags. My new bag is technically purple. Purple/brown. I LOVE it. I am taking it out for a spin this afternoon.
Panini press. A Cuisinart delight. Let's be honest. They are fancy grilled cheese sandwiches but my family thinks I am an amazing cook.

I loved Gone With The Wind as a teenager. My bedroom at home still has my plate collection on the wall. I am looking forward this new book.
All gift certificates. I love them. My brother-in-law bought me a big one to Cheesecake Factory. Yeah. My in-laws got a ton of small ones to my favorite girls night out restaurants. I-tunes card in my stocking and a Outback gift card (technically, that one is Rich's but who is counting.....)
Movie tickets. Movies are butt expensive here but you can buy passes at Costco for a discounted price. It saves me almost $4 a ticket. I received 8 movie tickets.


birnels said...

Ash, we too got outback gift cards! you and rich turned us on to the outback special and we have never looked back. also macaroni grill. i guess you guys need to come to visit and scout out all the great restaurants for us in bend. i also got a purse, SO CUTe and wallet. we got a nintendo wii that is very fun. i LOVE LOVE your new bag, and those panini makers really are sent from heaven. my parents have one and it is the greatest invention ever! Looks like you scored big, very cool.

{natalie} said...

ash, love the new header w/the bridge. it is very cool. makes me want to visit. i wish juno were playing here so we could see it and then converse about it. have you tried out the panini maker yet???

ps. ilovedhavingyouheretohangoutwithandbemyfriend-thanks!

jody said...

I'm so happy that you LOVED all of your Christmas. We loved having you and yours here for the holidays. It was a great Christmas with the 4 little ones, and yes I mean the babies, and all of the excitement and fun. I wish that it could last forever. love you
ps i love the rice cooker...thanks

Anonymous said...

What about your Mexican toast?