Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How I became a 14 year old Boy

Saturday night we had a few friends over for a little BBQ. Let me first say, it was very fun. Thanks for coming. 

I had a migraine all day and was worried at how I would be able to enjoy the games. I think my head started feeling better (2 diet dr. pepper and 2 diet cherry seven ups later) and we started playing games, so we put the kids all the bed and started to play a new game. Settlers of Catan. It is a very complicated but similar to our beloved Hotels, the game. One of the components of the game is to trade resources as you build your settlements. For example:

Angie: Will someone trade me some sheep for wheat?

Nathan: I will but can you trade me some brick for ore?

Around 1am this conversation:

Rich: I need wood! Can someone give me wood?

Do I need to finish this post? Read the title.


jody said...

Oh my gosh that is soooo funny, I can't quit laughing!!!

oh no I think I am a 14 year old boy too

jody said...

she meant to say filthy not funny

*ethan* said...

flash back to rich humping the ground playing crainum

KAP said...

I love Settlers. Their version looks very different from the one I have played. Still such a fun fun game!! Also, I don't think I want to know what *ethan* is talking about.

{natalie} said...

hahahahahaha.....rich sure loves getting the wood. nice!

i can't believe you guys party so late. you are going to be disappointed when you come to UT and we go to bed at 10