Monday, April 14, 2008

A Richard Moment

Yes, I still am posting about Rich's birthday. His birthday was LAST Monday and we had a party for him the weekend before (another post). BUT today I am complaining about the old Richard. Aren't you tired of only happy cute children posts? They will continue....

We all have those moments. You know, the moments were you freak out because you are stressed and tired. A couple of weeks ago Rich was SO tired after working 8 hours at Kohls and 4  hours working pools and I was complaining about his billing.  He then snapped, "Could you at least make dinner?"  I was mad but dinner was made every night that week. Last night he was looking for work clothes. It was SO HOT in the house last night. It was warm outside (87) and all he could find was a long sleeve shirt. So what does Rich do? He cut off the arms of his long sleeve shirt. Didn't measure, didn't cut evenly. The word laundry was muttered under his breath. So guess what I am doing today....?

You all know how I feel about LAUNDRY. 

PS. Jokes on Rich. It is overcast and cold today. I can hardly wait to see him in his work shirt.

Ps I still love Rich. See, that is why we have the Happy Pictures posted above.


jody said...

Poor Rich

*ethan* said...

i got richards back!!

Dave and Crissie said...

good to show the happy pix. poor rich and poor dave.

{natalie} said...

i'm glad you added the pps.

i'm doing laundry today too, and buying juno.