Monday, February 02, 2009

Favorite things #1 and #2

Yesterday the Internet was down and I had my nose buried in a book so no post happened so today  I will do 2 Favorite things. Exciting, I know.

#1 Coinstar Center.  While before I thought this was a lame way to cash in all your change I have since changed my tune. If you convert your extra change to a gift card then they don't charge a fee. This weekend Rich cashed in our bowl of change where we empty our pockets every night. Guess who got $107 to Amazon. Me. And guess who bought her VERY favorite thing? Me. Hundred dollars spent on books. Life is so good.
2. Popcorn.  I eat popcorn every single day. I love it.  My favorite kind is air popped but I am not picky. I will take in any form. Good.


KAP said...

In case you didn't see, Lindi is doing 14 days too!

{natalie} said...

i didn't know that the coinstar things did gift cards, how awesome. what did your order from amazon?

i love popcorn too. i love the whirly pop kind from your dad or ethan the best.

that pic of you is insanely small!!!

jody said...

popcorn is tasty...but Dad kettle corn is the best. However I didn't realize you eat popcorn every day...well there is your vegitables

Kimberly said...

I made popcorn on Sunday night, as a "post Super Bowl" treat. I left some in the pot, covered, and munched on it here and there. I came home from work one night and started munching, while LaVor was finishing up making dinner. He sees me eating the popcorn (mind you, it's 2 days old but still delicious) and throws it I'm eating it! I never knew popcorn was so near and dear to me but I got upset! I too, obviously, love popcorn.