Thursday, February 12, 2009

Few Favorite Blogs

No. 10- Favorite Blogs

I read quite a few blogs but it is easy when not everyone posts everyday. However, I am most loyal to blogs that do post everyday. Besides my family and friends blogs I read a few craft, motherhood, religious, design or cooking blogs. Here a few of my favorites:

No 11. - Favorite Family  Blogs

Palmer Sisters-in-law  Kelli    Crissie   Julie


{natalie} said...

i will check them out, i only read 1 or 2 you listed. i was hoping to make the list but i guess i fall into the "family/friends" category yet again :)

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I'll have to check these blogs out!

Kelly said...

Okay, I checked out the first blog you listed, JSM Musings. I want to get Good Mail too! That lady gets a lot of mail. So fun.

jody said...

I need to check some of these blogs out, that is when I am finished putting my play room together.