Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going On

*This is what we have been doing with our free time.*

The Past Two Weeks

Crewe went to Tadpole Camp.

Rich and I went to Las Vegas for the 4th of July.

I saw Jersey Boys, The Lion King and Love in Vegas.

We have gone swimming and ordered pizza to the pool. Very cool.

Crewe went to Circus Camp. No he can't balance a ladder on his nose.

Spent time with great friends. Played games.

Moved Dayne to a bed. Moved Dayne back to her crib.

Read books, ran the sprinklers and gone out to eat.

The kids and I are leaving for MT for the next couple of weeks. So today I am going to church, starting laundry, packing, making pork chops for dinner, eating cookies, finishing up a dumb book, playing on the computer and so far all I have done is snuggle with my kids in bed.....


{natalie} said...

#1. you have texts as one of your favs. you never text me. what gives?

#2. i love swimming. so your pool days make me happy

#3. have fun in MT

Mary Vigil said...

I love the picture of Rich and Dayne!!!! That is such a great shot. Have fun in MT and maybe we can get the kids together for swimming when you return?

Amy said...

You're going to be in Billings!? My mom and I are headed there on the 20th! Let's all get together - I would love to see you!

jody said...

1. I like the new header and I think it was totally worth the $5.00
2. Rich has really good balance and Dayne has lots of trust..looks scary to me.
3. You changed your side pictures...very cute!!!
4. I love the eating dinner at the pool.
5. So glad Cp enjoyed the camps and I was really hoping that he could balance the ladder, dang.

Amy said...

Jody, are you talking about me? Of course you are!

brittany said...

that is amazing talent on rich's part. how is he balancing, holding dayne and holding on? crazy!! but so fun.