Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good Things IV

We had a small'ish pizza party for Crewe and his buddies from school. We had 3 boys and 3 girls over for pizza, swings, bubbles, and popcicles.  I tried to get the kids involved in a Simon Says game, they denied me. I did get a game of pin-the-toppings on the pizza. When it was time to sit down and eat I was trying to make sure all the kids were settled and happy. I said to one of the little boys, "Why is no one eating? Can I get anyone anything? He turned to me and replied, "Just a mintue we are busy talking. Catching up. "


ryan birnel said...

ash, i love your good things posts. sounds like a very fun party, even if they wouldn't play simon says :)

jody said...

Way cute party. Looks like Cp is giving it a thumbs up. You are a good MOM!!!