Thursday, September 03, 2009

I love you

Dear Husband,
I know that things have been a little tough this past week. And I must sing the praises of you. I had my minor procedure (the flipping doctor kept calling it an operation and it was freaking me out). Last Friday. I felt fine that day- duh I was super numb. The next day..... not so great. This whole week has been full of me complaining and you helping. One day you and Dayne disappeared for a while and came home with a soda, another time flowers and last time you did the disappear trick you dropped stuff off at the DI and returned library books. You are a good man. A kind man. Thanks babe!

PS And I loved that you and Crewe tried to get me a bagel this morning but were thwarted in your attempts.

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jody said...

He is good to you!
sweet post