Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This Year of Books

It is September 1st. It is the end of my book year. I started keeping a book journal at the end of August 2005 (or 2004). This year I read 92 Books. It really is an out of control amount. But then I thought about it. It is really 1.7 books a week. Plus I had major vacations that involved reading, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, 2 trips to Montana and a Cruise. Here are a few of my book memories from the year.

*I bought a English book in the Germany airport. I was able to read on the plane (unheard of) and I needed another book.

*I discovered YA fiction. I love it.

* Read most of my book group selections. Hated Angels of Destruction. Loved the Goose Girl.

* I utilized my public library. I learned how much I love putting a book on hold, forgetting about it and then get the email telling me it is ready for me to come get.

* I finally read a Philippa Gregory book. And loved it.

*Read a terrible book and left it in the Bahamas.

*Rich's Grandpa brings me his old books and we discuss the books that we both read (although he just got a Kindle)

* Favorite memory. Sitting in the BEST cozy spot on the deck in Greece. I was able to read and read. And chat with one of my best friends.


{natalie} said...

dear ash, that spot in greece is my favorite too. i could've sat there all week! i'm glad we can have such a fun time together.

thanks for introducing me to phillipa gregory, i love her stuff.

i love that you discuss reading w/the gpa.

Joan said...

I love young adult fiction too and also really likes The Goose Girl. Have you read her other books?

chickadee3357 said...

That is quite a lot of books to read in a year.

*ethan* said...

you could have worse addictions( if reading almost 2 books a week is an addiction?.... my book it's a yes)