Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camping Soon

We are off to the woods again this weekend. I really think about this weekend all year long. It lingers in my mind for a couple of reasons. I ALWAYS freeze. You would think that being from Montana would mean I wouldn't have my head in my tush but you would be wrong. I ALWAYS am stunned at how dirty my child are after the weekend. The amount of clothes that we go through.... AND the crazy amount of laundry when I get home. Crazy amounts. I ALWAYS mispack something. One year I brought one sweatshirt for myself for the weekend. Last year I only brought one shoe for Crewe. I ALWAYS am impressed with the food. We eat like kings. There are nine families that all go camping together. We all chip in for the food. Planning, cooking and preparing. Truly, like Kings. I ALWAYS have the BEST time! We sit around and chat. Play games. Visit. Read magazines. Go for walks. Stay up late talking. As stressed as I ALWAYS am when planning, I still look forward to the next year. we come.



{natalie} said...

have a fun weekend! i hope it is fun and this time pack more sweatshirts. i bet your kids will always remember these camping trips :)

jody said...

Once a year fun..I think it is cool that you and 9 family friends go always on Memorial weekend. Have fun, bring more warm clothes and shoes and take lots of pictures.