Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother in the Hood

My children were put in bed last night at 6:30pm. I dreamed that I put them into bed at 4:30pm. That was the kind of day we were having. And really it was my fault. I let them stay up super late on Saturday night and didn't enforce a nap for the small one after church. Dayne wouldn't eat dinner without a prequel of chips and I wouldn't give on a chip dinner. I am feeling rather defeated in many categories today, especially motherhood. We had a rough week. We missed dance class, skipped baseball and I forgot to pick Crewe up from school on an early out day. What to do about it? I decided that the best thing to do is get down on my knees, sleep it off and start the week over. Be grateful that Rich has today off.

Mother's Day 2010


{natalie} said...

some weeks are just like that....but i think your solution is a good one.

i love your corsage for mother's day. on mother's day i told ethan i wanted him to start doing that.

you are good mom.

Sugar & Spice said...

you look gorgeous! miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

shake it off

jody said...

Oh Ash you are a good Mom. I like your pictures and glad that you are back posting

love you and yours

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I think it's a rite of passage to forget your child on early out day at least once! :) You're a great Mom and some days are definitely better than others.

Deborah said...

What you need Ashley - is a nice camping trip to take your mind off last week! And I know just the place!!! Love the photo of you on the stairs.