Friday, June 25, 2010

Crewe in the House

Let's chat about Crewe. He is wonderful. Truly. He finished Kindergarten. He rocked it out. He is so smart and funny. He has lost 7 teeth. I usually try to interview him around his birthday but I figured it why not?
What was your favorite thing about school?
The Halloween party.
Who are your best friends?
Ian, Braden and Isabella. this girl from my class. I want her to be my best friend. 
Favorite foods?
What are your goals for the summer?
Be fastest on the swim team. 
What kind of animal do you wish you were?
a bird
Name something exciting that is happening to you this summer?
Going to chuck e cheese ( yeah right)


brittany said...

i can't believe he has lost 7 teeth!! lily has only lost 2. Also, I am so impressed that he is on swim team.

{natalie} said...

7 teeth!? holy crap.

maybe when you come i can call in sick and we can go to pirate island, it is similiar to chuck e cheese but i think cleaner and cooler.

yay for swim team!

jody said...

What a darling picture of the Cp and I love that it is so big that you can see he has freckles. Isabella I haven't ever heard him talk about her, oh no he might be discovering girls???

I love that he is on the swim team. GO CREWE!!!