Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yellow Chair

The yellow chair is gone.
I had a very hard time letting it go.
I have spent many hours in this chair. ** dayne at 2 weeks old. Man do I look hammered?**
Others have spent time in the chair.

And many photos have been taken in the chair.

And oh the books that I have read in that chair.

As we put her out to the curb to go to a new home. I went out and sat in it for long time. Good bye yellow chair.....


{natalie} said...

hilarious that you sat in it at the curb!! that was a comfy chair and i'm sure it will be missed, though your orange chair is awesome.

brittany said...

i can't believe you let the yellow chair go!! what did you get in it's place. i hope it's something great.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I'm sad to hear you had to let the yellow chair go. I remember when you bought it!

jody said...

a great chair but oh the beautiful caramel leather chair is much much better and you will have good memories of it too

Min said...

You are the cutest person alive.