Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Post

When my fan  requests a new post. I deliver.

Dear Beef,
Here is a new post.
Little Sister

We hit up the Monetary Bay Aquarium earlier in the month. I got say, we love fish. Not to eat but to look at and swim with. (Ok my mom and Rich were in the mood to go Scuba Diving afterwards. I kept thinking about all the fish in the Delta this summer and that I will pass on swimming with fish.  Maybe fish in the Caribbean).
Baby Dayne Was totally  afraid of the jelly fish. So we took a few glances and got out of there. The jellyfish section is so beautiful and one of my favorite parts. Good things we took a bunch of random pictures that day. 

And lastly, look how tall my boy is getting. Not as big as a baby whale. Phew!


{natalie} said...

i am happy to see you blog. i think i may have requested a post or two.

i love the aquarium. the jelly fish look awesome. i really, really want to go diving sometime. want to meet in the bahamas?

Ethan said...

Thank you! I saw this post when you did it but nat had the computer and she commented. And I forgot. But much thanks. Very fun pics

jody said...

I loved the aquarium I am trying to plant in dads head the idea of scuba diving in Aruba.