Monday, January 17, 2011

Dayne the Dancer

 Dayne had 2 small dance performances in the month of December. I truly didn't know if she would dance. When we picked up the costume she refused to even try it on. I was so please when she wore the outfit, sat for her hair and makeup. Then when it came time to dance she went out there with no qualms. We were so proud of her. She danced and danced. And did a great job!

 This picture is my favorite. Dayne is wearing my first pair of ballet shoes. I love that my mom saved them and now that Dayne is wearing them. She wears every week to class but I love that I have a picture of her wearing them.


jody said...

She is a darling little dancer!!!I love that picture too of here wearing your dance shoes. You will have to save those.

brittany said...

she is a mighty cute little dancer. very fun that she wears your same ballet slippers.

{natalie} said...

pretty cute that she wears your dance slippers. she is a cute little dancer!