Thursday, January 27, 2011

Go Crewe

Really this post is totally for my folks. Although if I must.... Crewe read 100 books and this the ceremony of him receiving his medal. He was suppose to get in November but the medal assembly got canceled. Actually by next month he will be ready to receive his silver medal. 200 books read. Go Crewe!

Ps Check Rich shouting at the end. Followed by Baby Dayne's shouts!


jody said...

Good job Buddy. I love that you love to read. love you and thanks for the post.

{natalie} said...

excellent crewe! 100 books is a ton.

dayne's voice is one of my favorite things ever.

jody said...

Dad and i just watched the video again and i am so proud of that boy. We are cry dogs. Dayne is so cute cheering him on and love that little voice.