Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Crewe!

 8 years ago was a hard day of work. ALL DAY LONG. But in the end we got the BEST thing ever. The nurse helping me said, "I love the name Crewe. It's like he is a movie star. Or a soap opera star!" Thanks, I think.
 Crewe is an AMAZING Kid. He is KIND and thoughtful. He loves to READ. He LOVES, like Crazy LOVES video games.
 Crewe is truly a FANTASTIC swimmer. And he is discovering a love of TENNIS. He is looking forward to starting SCOUTS. And I expect that he will love passing off the badges. Crewe is smart and really likes SCIENCE. He excels at MATH but if asked what he loves the most in the day, he will say recess.
 Crewe is tall and thin. He has GIANT hair that has turned blond this summer. He loves pizza and cheese. He still eats GRAPES every day. He loves CORN on the cob and cheeseburgers. 
Crewe slept in his swimsuit last night. When I commented on it to Rich he said, "It's his Birthday. Let him do what he wants!" 
Happy Birthday Boy! We love You!


Anonymous said...

c dog is very groovy

jody said...

We love that birthday boy! Can't believe he is 8!!!

Is the picture of him reading with the books just since you've been home? I love his big hair but I'm pretty sure he had that wild mane tamed when he was here.

{natalie} said...

that pic with the huge hair is so sweet.

happy birthday to your big 8 year old.

he is an awesome boy.

stalker sarah said...

Happy birthday to that cute Crewe! Hope he had an awesome day! :)