Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Party Continues the Deets....

The Cakes
Rich made lightsabers.  I made the cake and the frostings. They were almost 4 feet long.

The Van
The Game Van came to our house for 1 1/2 hours of pure heaven.

Inside the Van
More TV's.  X-boxes on the inside. Wii on the outside. Each had it's own speakers. They had every game you could think of and would change the games upon demand.

Party Guests
Bell and Mia

It was HOT outside!

Inside Rocking it Out


{natalie} said...

The party van sounds so awesome. When I told kade about it he asked if it could drive to Utah.

Ps awesome cakes too!

jody said...

I am sure the party was a hit! I think the video van is awesome and looks so fun. What a great idea and the cake looks great. Very fun for Cp and his friends. Good job Ash and Rich

brittany said...

i am super impressed. the party and cakes look awesome. i have never heard of or seen a game van before, it looks awesome!