Thursday, September 01, 2011

This Year of Books

My Year of Reading has come to a close. This year was OUT.OF.CONTROL. I read
115 Books 
As I looked through my book journal, I felt proud of a lot of the book topics, new genres and lots of good books that I read.  I read totally for personal enjoyment. I am a very fast reader. I always have a book in my bag. I read at the pool, on vacations (especially the kid free ones) and at night. I love to read after everyone is in bed with headphones on blaring music. I belong to a fantastic book group.  Also a traveling book group and I am thinking of joining a Church book group.  While I am always willing to read a good recommendation, lots of these books came from me researching. 
 Here a few I loved this year:

"Spirit Bound"
This was book 5 in a 6 books series. I also finished the series and LOVED book 6. Vampire Academy. I think one of the books is always on my favorites list. Too bad the cover art is TERRIBLE. Truly. 

"City of Bones Series"
This is book 3. They all were fantastic. They are big books. Fantasy books. Vampires, Shadowhunters, Fairies, werewolves. I realize I have crossed into totally book nerd territory. And I am totally okay with that. 

"Where She Went"
I think this may have been my favorite book this year. It is a follow up book to "If she Stays". Well written. Thoughtful. And amazing. No vampires in this book. :)
John Green is a new author to me. I have liked his books that I have read. Kind of dark. Super Sarcastic. Not all appropriate for my mother to read. 

Here are a few that I HATED (well not truly hated, I usually quit reading those but these earned D's):

Awful. It has won all types of awards. But not my me. Depressing. The guy is totally unlikable.

A ghost story. But not good. Not at all. 

I have read all the Stephenie Plum books. This was bad. Silly. Silly. Silly.

Here is last years post:


{natalie} said...

115? i'm speechless. that is a crap load of books! i will not read the ones on your shit list :)

jody said...

And I will not read the ones that are "not appropriate for my mother to read"

115 books wow I hope one was the b of m

Emily said...

I have read the ones not appropriate for you mother and loved them. But I agree, they are not appropriate for either of our mothers.

I also read Delirium...I found a flaw, a mistake. Call me if you want to know what it is.

Nice job. 115's not too shabby.