Monday, August 25, 2008

the 5th Birthday Party

"The party was just so awesome" said Crewe Palmer to his parents. He didn't even know that he was having party until 1 hour before the party. And even then he went and stood by the car at 9am.  17 kids age 7-1 years old. Bouncing, karaoke, air hockey playing, rock wall climbing, bowling, and more. Followed by pizza and a cake AND by Crewe saying, "I really don't like the middle of this cake."


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Looks like a very fun party! 17 kids, wow! Happy Brithday to Crewe!

brittany said...

oh ashley, it looks like such a fun party! you are the best parents. crewe is one cute 5 year old.

{natalie} said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CREWE-DOG!! we love you buddy! the party looks awesome. i love his comment about it.

ethan said...

c pup

happy birthday!! man they grow up quick

jody said...

What a fun party! Looks like everyone had a good time.
Happy Happy Birthday C Dawg..we love you
Tiger and Grandma

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us in the party! We had an awesome time! Birthdays are so much fun!