Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost Tooth

My computer is having issues and won't let me download any more pictures to my iphoto. AH!!! So until I can figure this out, blogs with out pictures. Suck.


Crewe lost his first tooth (insert the cutest pictures of him) yesterday. I cried when he came and showed me his prize. He was so excited and proud. I was so overwhelmed at my little boy growing up. I still like to say, "We just had a baby....." and I am referring to him. Crewe will be 5 years old next week. 5. 

We moved to CA when I was pregnant with Crewe.

Crewe learned to walk when he was 16 months old. He also started sleeping in a bed and gave up his pacifiers that same month.

We bought our Volvo in September 2003. It is still the car we drive.

We took Crewe to Europe when he was 6 months old.

We left Crewe when he was 2 and went  to Europe by ourselves.
Crewe has more hair than anyone I know. He HATES haircuts and has hated them since his first haircut around 9/10 months.

Crewe is kind, thoughtful and amazing. He is so very funny and has attitude. How can he be five?

Maxine, the Toothfairy came to visit him last night. He came into our room around 5:30am to report that she left him quarters!!! See, he is still such a little kid. The Toothfairy didn't leave him quarters, they were dollars. Good thing he still needs his mom to straighten him out.


KAP said...

Yay! The tooth fell out and now you don't have to be grossed out by it anymore! Love the tooth fairy's name.

{natalie} said...

i had no idea they start losing teeth already. yikes, that's unreal. i really wish there were pictures to see...congrats crewe

Amy said...

It's a bitter sweet thing watching your children grow up so fast. I am loving our little E. at 1 yr. old! It is such a fun age but I know too soon it will time to place money under the pillow as well!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I can't wait to see the cute pictures!!! All the kids in his class will be jealous that he already lost a tooth.

*ethan* said...

wait he's not old enough to start losing teeth,is he?

Dave and Crissie said...

How fun for him to finally lose his tooth. I hope you didn't pass out or anything like that. :)

Emily said...

The first lost tooth; that's a big deal. I hope you didn't keep it :) Bruce almost lost a tooth last week, but just because he slipped on the kitchen floor and fell flat on his face. That lip was a honker.
By the way, Crewe looks EXACTLY like your Dad. Super cute.

jody said...

C Dawg the missing soon to be a 5 year old! Where has the time gone? We love him tons! Good thing Maxine arrived with lots of gold coins, even if he thought they were quarters:))))

lets figure out the picture thing soon