Thursday, March 05, 2009

Crewe is 5 1/2

It seems like a lot of this blog has been about Dayne lately. We have not forgotten our sweet boy. In fact, last week we celebrated his 5 1/2 year old birthday. A very big deal when you have a summer birthday (Who knew?). I told Crewe that we could have a small pizza party with kids from his school. And we will, just not right now. :) All the same let me mention a few things about Crewe.
1. He is the NICEST boy I know.
2. He is very kind and thoughtful.
3. He is fantastic with his sister and his little cousin, Rebecca.
4. He is very silly  and has the best laugh
5. He still loves cars. Once a week he pulls out his animal bucket and plays with animals.
6. Favorite food: pizza or pancakes
7. Favorite place to go: Grandma's house or the Zoo.
8.He is a great swimmer.
9. He is really smart and is obsessed with finding words that rhyme.
10. He loves his friends, playing video games and computer games.
We love you, Crewe!


{natalie} said...

crewe--my favorite food is pizza too. maybe we can find some on the cruise ship. see you soon.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I have a pizza with a candle in it for my birthday. Yummy!!!

jody said...

We think you are a great boy too. Can't wait to see you, only 2 more days.
I love pancakes too especially with blue berries.

Julie said...

Crewe, you are the love of my life. Miss you loads!