Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Family Cruise

9 days we were gone. 

8 Adults

4 Stops. 1 in Hondurus. 1 in Mexico 1 in Belize and 1 in Bahamas.

1 time I went into the Salty Ocean. 1 taken down by baby brother.

8 Kids under the age of 9.

Baby dayne turned 2 on the 9th.
600 meals were consumed.

2 Cola Lights. (i love the cola lights)

2 times Rich went diving.

1 yoga class I attended.

1 spinning class for Rich.

100 great memories were made.
2 1/2 times Dayne went to the kids club.

8 times the kids got ice cream.  

Room service was ordered 2 times. 

Crewe was lost once.

My dad was missing 5 times.

Monkey on Rich's back- 5 times.

Thanks mom and dad!!!! We had MILLON great times!


jody said...

So glad you had a great time. I know we sure did. I am in withdrawals. Love the pictures you choose.

*ethan* said...

man, i have no pictures. oh well, i will print yours. it was so fun and i loved being on the beach and having the kids match.

*ethan* said...

hmmm, forgot to switch to my screen name, previous comment was from me, nat

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love all the pictures! It was so much fun!!!

*ethan* said...

it was fun tackling you in the water