Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Up

*one of my favorite pictures from the trip, Kade and I.

I still have a few pictures from my trip that I want to use and blog about. I know, no more about the here an update from my life.

I watched to movie, Twilight, with a great friend of mine. I had such a good time. It had been awhile since I got out without my kids.  Thanks, Deborah.

  I have been fighting off the sickness. So I spent the day kicking around the house, reading a book.  Then Rich and I went to the Temple. It was so wonderful and peaceful. Thanks John/AJ for watching our kids.

I am going out for Palmers Girls Night. I love this monthly dinner. My mother in law takes me and my 2 sils out for dinner.We chat about our kids, our lives and all the craziness.  I miss Julie and wish that she was here for our dinners. Still on cold medicine......


jody said...

you have a good life...enjoy

lets us have a girls night

{natalie} said...

what is your sister in law having? a surprise?

i like that pic of you also, i just printed it today.

brittany said...

that picture is so cute. i hope you feel better soon. we've been sick too and it's no fun. also, i love that you do so many fun things all the time. i love that your mil takes you all out once a month. what a great tradition.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Very cute picture! Hope you feel better. Which sister in law is pregnant? I vote for a girls night too!!!