Sunday, August 30, 2009

One More Post About Crewe

What the Actual Birthday Detailed for Crewe- the 6 Year Old.
Step 1. Woke up to a birthday breakfast of biscuit sticks and eggs. Oh and gifts. A Mystery Machine and Scooby doo people to the gifts. Plus a camera from Tiger and Grandma.

Step 2. Hit School.

Step 3. Have cupcakes brought in by mom and Grandma. Sister also tagged along. Get to be the boy leader for the day.

Step 4. Go to In N Out for lunch.
Step 5. Drive to the city for family pictures at the beach.

Step 6. Go to Favorite Cupcake place in the city. Try a new cupcake and LOVE it. It was chocolate, vanilla and strawberry striped.

Step 7. Hit favorite places in the city. Coit Tower. Hiking hill, ect...

Step 8. Go to, not great food but Crewe LOVED it, place to eat, Rainforest Cafe.

Step 9. Receive more gifts through the day. Get home, open a marshmallow gun. Collapse into bed.


jody said...

It was a very fun day! Glad I got to be part of it all. Happy Happy Birthday Cp

{natalie} said...

sounds like a great birthday to me, especially with a visit to in and out. sorry for the late package, it's in the mail tomorrow.

brittany said...

i just read kade's b-day post and then hopped over here and it is crewe's b-day post, how close are their actual b-days? who took your family pictures? i love your shorts you are wearing. happy birthday to crewe! sounds like a great birthday day.

Donna H. said...

Sounds like Crewe had an awesome birthday! You must have been exhausted! I want to hear more about the cupcake place! And I want to see the pictures- I love the one with you and Crewe!

Deborah said...

Can you please be in charge of my birthday because this sounds like an awesome day for Crewe?

Natali said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!