Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bakery

If you ever have read People Magazine or watched Martha Stewart, then you have heard of Magnolia's Bakery. It was on my list of places I wanted to find in NYC. We decided that even if it was crazy (which it was) we would go to the location by Rockefeller's Plaza. Very good cupcakes. Not the best that I have had worth it. The shop was cute. Very crowded. I have a recipe from years ago when the owner was on Martha. Definitely worth the effort.

PS . We went back a second time. I bought dayne a cute shirt that said I love NY. But instead of love there was a picture of a cupcake. She took one look at the shirt and said, Oh no. I will not be wearing that. Geesh.


{natalie} said...

the tee shirt sounds cute. i like cookies better than cake. but cupcakes are good in small doses. i am glad you found the place and it was good.

jody said...

oh that Dayne says the cutest things

i do love the cupcakes