Monday, November 23, 2009

NY- The First Full Day

Background to the trip. My friend Angie works with a back East based company. She often has to travel to New York City for work. In a lusting for a girls weekend and our lack of free weekends led us to come up with this plan. We tacked this weekend on to the start of her week long work convention. Ang also has a friend that said we could stay at her apartment even though she was gone. So we had our housing covered, Angie's work paid for her ticket, the cab ride and the hotel the last night. I also had a ticket voucher from getting delayed last fall. It just all fell together so off we went. Our good friend Tanya also joined us.

Thumbs Down:
1. Puked on the plane. Just gross and wrong.
2. Friends delayed on flight out and we didn't meet up until 1am.
3. Went into the smallest bathroom in the world.

Thumbs Up:
1. Saw the Statue of Liberty. It is the tiny fuzz in the background.
2. Even though it was raining, it stopped enough in the day not to lose our minds.
3. Had bagels for breakfast.
4. Rode the subway many times.
5. Walked up to Wall Street. We left the apt at 11am and returned shortly after 1am. Imagine lots of walking.


jody said...

Looks like lots of fun and we were jealous of your friends weekend. You are one lucky girl.

{natalie} said...

i love all the pictures, i'm glad you took lots (or your friend did!) it looks like a lot of fun.