Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Nat

This is my sister in law, Natalie. (The middle one)She is turning 30 Today. Here are 30 Things I like About her:
1. She is a great listener.
2. Amazing mom.
3. Great baker.

4. Loves color. Including Blue.
5. Is in the Dave Matthews Band Fan Club.
6. When we first met we bonded over liking Gilmore Girls and Jack and Jill.
7. She is honest with me. When I first told her that my first born was named, Crewe. She said,Oh, It will take me a while, but okay
8. She thinks Ethan is a God.
9. Her cars always have names.
10. She is constantly trying to learn.
11. She really wanted to name her daughter, Addison Sarah but was worried about the herinitials. A.S.S.
12. She loves concerts.
13. Avid reader.
14. She has always been a protector of her brothers.
15. Nat is teaching herself to sew.
16. Wants to be a runner.
17. She eats very plainly. Her sandwiches have no condiments.
18. When playing games she is partners with Rich. She doesn't complain when Ethan and I get way too into being partners and winning!!!!
19. She is very easy to travel with. We have been to 8 real countries together. Plus layovers in other countries.
20. On Girls Weekends she want to take Polaroids of us doing crazy things.
22. She loves pretzels and cream cheese (something I have never tried).
23. In MT I can always trick her to getting Italian Creme Sodas with me. Everyday.
24. She is always wanting to come up with projects for us to do when we are together.
25. Lots of times she reads at night with a headlamp.
26. Water is her favorite drink.

27. She always calls my other brother, Air. Even when writing about him, Arrrr. Also the other Nat is often referred to as Nan. And I don't think she thinks it weird that she is part of a set of Natalie Schofields.
28. She wants to do right by her children.
29. She once told my parents that she "has been around."
30. I love her. She is one of my best friends. I love spending time with her and I love chatting on phone with her, almost daily. Happy Birthday, Nat.


*ethan* said...

Very nice ash!!! i love her too

ps. thanks for showing me up on my birthday post!
funky butt lovin

natalie said...

thank you so much ash. i love this post. and you have great pictures to go with it. thank you, thank you, thank you. i love you!

jody said...

Ash, what a nice post. I love the list, especially # 29.d We love Nat too and Happy Birthday

{natalie} said...

more thoughts....

oh yes i am a big nicknamer....Aar, Nan, E ... my new one for Ethan....Eeeeth.

i do like being part of the natali/e schofield set. i do call nan, nan.

i lost my headlamp :(

i hope mountain mud is open in december

i have already forgotten the project i thought of for MT. will have to think about that.

thanks again.