Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Nat!

Happy Birthday Natali!
***Yes I have two Sister-in-law's named Natali****

Natali is awesome. She is kind. Thoughtful. An amazing mother. Loves the TV show, "Friday Night Lights" and "Big Bang Theory " (a show that I don't get). Has 4 boys. Plays the piano. Is in great shape. Is a freaking Dentist. Drinks mostly water. Hair is naturally curly and thick. She has great nails. Likes to read. Home is decorated so darling. Favorite food has got to be meat, ribs. Watches movies in the Dark. Super Smart. Use to wear glasses, eyes have improved with each baby. IS a scuba driver. The most beautiful handwriting. Really. Enjoys pedicures but doesn't get them that often. Caned fruit this year because she has a pear tree. Loves to Travel. Doesn't own enough towels (hehe). I love you Nan. Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

you say she needs towels? We will get her some.

jody said...

yes I will add towels to her list...

Happy Birthday Nat!!!

great post Ash and you discribed her perfectly.

{natalie} said...

happy birthday nan!!

great post ash.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Thanks Ash! You're so sweet!!! Of course I need towels :). When can we get a pedicure together??