Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Up

I tried to blog but I couldn't get any pictures to upload. Grrrr.....

In december I had lots of reasons I did not blog. I even have a few pictures as proof.

1. We took our kids to Gilroy Gardens. It was such a total delight.

2. We drove up to the Mountains and cut down our Christmas Tree. The experience was better than our tree.

3. Dayne performed in a little Christmas dance class performance. My friend kept asking if dayne was trying to do the dance moves or was she trying to be a mime. It was hard to tell the difference.

4. Crewe celebrated Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Navidad en Mexico and Christmas all at school. It was awesome.

5. We went to a great Christmas party, with no kids.

6. We had a nice Christmas with the Palmer family.

7. Now the kids and I are in Montana. My brother and his family are also here. We are having a fantastic time. It is freaking cold. Today the high was 19 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Did you try to upload the pics to your Nook?

jody said...

dad is trying to hurt you...sorry we live in hicksville and the nook doesn't know how to get started here int he sticks

NOW, WE LOVE HAVING YOU AND YOURS WITH US ...that is the best part of your December

nat said...

i am glad we are having fun here in MT with you! it IS freezing here.

brittany said...

sounds like a great december!